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Dec 22, 2011 02:22 PM


Hey all... I'll be visiting Dallas from New Orleans for the holiday and am looking for a bar/restaurant that attracts Saints fans in the Dallas area - central to north central area (Downtown, Uptown, Greenville, etc) - to watch Monday night's game.

I am hoping for something that is not a typical sports bar... something more like a neighborhood /corner bar... or is this completely out of the question?

Thanks for any help!

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    The first 3 listed would probably suit you geographically - the second one something more what you're looking for. I'd call to verify the accuracy of of the "Saints friendly" information. :


    Geaux Saints from an original Saints fan back from the beginning of time!

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      Live in McKinney - wish there was a place up here - for Saints game and LSU BCS game. Geaux Saints.

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        CocoaNut, thank you so much! What a great page... I think we will go to the Quarter Bar! I really appreciate the help, that's perfect! Happy Holidays and Geaux Saints!!!!!!!!

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          I know this passed already but- all the local Who Dat's I know go to the Quarter Bar but NOT the breadwinners one- the one in Addison (totally different places) It's very much a Saints fan only place come game time and they have a big deal every week with the games and contests and such for fans. Lots of New Orleaneans in Dallas now go there. Watched them win the Superbowl there and proceeded to watch the entire bar burst into tears and second line for over an hour. It was a blast!