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Dec 22, 2011 12:56 PM

Help -- moved to Scarsdale

My wife and I have moved from Brooklyn to Scarsdale. We love the area, but we need some help finding great food, which seems to be on every corner in Brooklyn and Manhattan. We know Scarsdale has a reputation for being extravagant. However, we are looking for some great food for reasonable prices. We love to eat authentic foods ... whether it be Cantonese, Thai, Korean, Italian, Greek, etc ... but not suburban versions of authentic .... Can anyone share some suggestions for great, authentic, and reasonably priced food in mid-Westchester? Thanks!!!

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  1. oh boy as a ex brooklynite that lives in scarsdale your in for a world of pain,but let me try to be of some help.Chinese Gem on central avenue.Thai your in luck little thai kitchen by the station very good.korean two places on central avenue either is fine,one in yonkers one closer to white plains.Italian subjective tons here none to good.might like the cookery on dobbs ferry though not strictly italian.greek bospherus in hartsdale.ill throw in a bonus ruths jamaican kitchen battle avenue in white plains strictly for take out,And the old standby in scarsdale candlelight inn when you need a comfort food fix wings etc good luck!!!

    1. For Thai we like Little Thai Kitchen near the train station. Not so easy to get to now because of the construction, but pretty good.

      For Greek, we love Elia Taverna in Bronxville/New Rochelle. Easy to get to from the Hutchinson Pkwy.

      For Chinese, my husband likes Chop Stix on Garth Road for take out. I prefer Seven Woks in the Golden Horseshoe shopping center. None are as good as the city places.

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        Forgot about Indian. Our favorite in the area is Rani Mahal in Mamaroneck. Not sure which side of Scarsdale you are on but we are closer to the Mamaroneck border and bring in food from Rani Mahal on a regular basis.

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          Just had dinner at Rani Mahal with my folks, who have been going there since it opened and raving to us about it since then. Worth every rave. Excellent masala dosa, very tasty lamb vindaloo, really good chicken tikka masala (which usually just tastes like chicken in ketchup to me). The service was attentive and very pleasant. I can't wait to go back. Who knew so much good food had sprung up in Mamaroneck since I left my parents' house?

      2. I live in White Plains. You're definitely not going to have the breadth of quality choices you get in NYC, with a breadth of price points. But there are some decent options in the area.

        Chinese: That's tough sledding around here, I usually go to NYC to get my fix. The best, most authentic place is probably Aberdeen, in the lobby of the Residence Inn in White Plains. authentic Cantonese and Hong Kong-style, with good seafood and dim sum. For a quick lunch, there's also the Kam Sen market in the White Plains Mall across the street. The roast meats can be a little hit-and-miss, but their baked pork buns are good.

        Mexican - Not counting Italian places, this is probably your best ethnic bet in mid-Westchester. There are plenty of places in New Rochelle, White Plains and Port Chester. Some of my go-to places in WP: Sunshine Deli on Lake Street - divey, but very good tacos, quesadillas and huaraches; Gourmet Laguna on Cross Street - good tacos, tortas and cemitas. Mariachi Loco on Central Avenue - don't let the big menu fool you, they're pretty good as well. Tortilleria Los Gemelos on Westchester Avenue in Port Chester is excellent - they make their own tortillas, and their fillings are terrific.

        Indian - Ambadi on E Post Road in WP is pretty good for take-out. I also like Masala Kraft on E Hartsdale Avenue, right up the street from the Hartsdale Metro-North station - good vegetarian food and they don't baby you with the spices. I also had a promising meal at Calcutta Wrap and Roll in Ardsley, in Addyman Square right off the intsersection of Route 9A and Ashford Avenue.

        Pizza: You'll probably gets loads of recommmendations, but so far, the best I've had in mid-Westchester is at the branch of Frank Pepe's on Central Park Avenue in Yonkers. And it's cheap, to boot.

        Other cuisines: I had a good Moroccan meal at Zitoune on Boston Post Road in Larchmont. Turkish Kitchen on Mamaroneck Avenue in WP is a decent place.

        The place with the best restaurant presence is probably Port Chester, which is probably a 20-minute drive from Scarsdale. Mexican and Latin American eateries abound, but there are other cuisines available too. For pizza/Italian, there's Tarry Lodge on Mill Street, which is a Mario Batali place. Can get really crowded, but I think their pizzas and pastas are good.

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          Just read this board for a few days and you will get the lay of the land and get out and explore for yourselves. There is good food to be had in Westchester & Fairfield so don't get depressed that we are not NYC.

        2. Fig and Olive, in the Lord & Taylor shopping center Scarsdale. Excellent.

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            There's one of these in NYC too, but I find it very overpriced with tiny portions.

          2. As an ex-Brooklyn boy myself (and someone who just visited Brooklyn and was reminded of how awful Westchester Italian is) I can say get ready to settle. I'm not going to review every restaurant because it's all very subjective.

            Chinese - Chop Stix for takeout, Pagoda for traditional Chinese (both in Scarsdale)
            Thai - forget the name, but great place in in Westchester (there is a solid place in Scarsdale now I hear).
            Korean - not sure
            Italian - yikes and there are so many. Cookery in Dobbs Ferry is the best I hear, but heard ownership has changed slightly. Carlo's in Yonkers lacks ambience, but good food at good prices. Quarry in Tuckahoe - not all Italian but good stuff
            Greek - Elia's Taverna in New Rochelle/Eastchester border
            French - Jackie's Bistro in Eastchester
            Mexican - Burrito Poblano in Tuckahoe - hole in wall but solid
            Pub Grub - Piper's Kilt (best burgers in Westchester), Quarry
            Pizza - worst Brooklyn place is better than best Westchester....but in Scarsdale - Scarsdale Pizza Station, amore or S&J are good.
            Bagels - Scarsdale Bagel on Garth road
            Bakery - La Renaissance
            Sushi - Sushi Nanase in White Plains although Haiku is solid and affordable in Eastchester

            Most places aren't traditional which turns many true NYers off, but most have their menus online..take a look

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              i just read jhopps post and got depressed not one mentioned is worth a drive.Westchester really needs some inspiration.I never get excited about eating out in westchester.Lets hope the new year brings some better choices.

              1. re: ronhall51

                No, there's much better food in Westchester than was mentioned on that post. The guy did say it was "subjective". I probably would not go to any of the many places mentioned there. But here's a couple of places I like

                Fig & Olive, Scarsdale
                Jardin du Roi, Chappaqua
                Iron Horse, Pleasantville
                Several excellent Latin restos in Port Chester
                Lexington Square, Mt Kisco
                Sweetgrass Grill. Tarrytown
                Watermoon, Rye
                A couple of GREAT Portuguese places in Ossining, including Churrasquiera Ribatejo

                Don't be that depressed, ronhall!

                1. re: menton1

         places were more takeout quick bite suggestions. Yours are a little more upscale. The person also said reasonably priced. Fig & Olive...overpriced garbage. As for the other places all pricey. I agree with the Port Chester referrals though.