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Dec 22, 2011 12:51 PM

Looks like Elizabeth St. Cafe is open?

They don't have a website yet, or at least not one that I could find. I just drove by there when I was leaving the dry cleaners and noticed that there were a bunch of cars outside and people inside... could've been staffers, could've been customers.

Anyway, I'm obviously about to go home for the holidays and don't have time to check it out myself, but I'd love to hear if anybody's been yet. I know that some of you were very skeptical of it in a previous post, but it actually sounds really good... breakfast items with vietnamese sausage, Stumptown coffee. Banh Mi, Pho (this is where people get skeptical, I'm assuming, considering that it's run by the people who own Perla's and Lambert's).

I love Tam Deli, Tan My and Sunflower to death, but I live like an eighth of a mile from this place, so I really hope it turns out being awesome. Here's an article from Eater from November... actually sounds pretty exciting to me:

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  1. Also I just resurrected the old thread. I should've just commented in it to begin with. Mea culpa.

    1. I'm also somewhat Vietnamese-food obsessed and live in the neighborhood. My understanding is that last night was the soft opening, and that it is open to the public today. I normally would stay away from any Austin restaurant on opening day, but I'm intensely curious, and it's good weather for pho.. gonna stop by this afternoon.

      1. I'm not sure why people are skeptical considering the Lambert's folks have repeatedly shown they know how to _do things right_. (Not implying you're in this contigent, Popvulture.) Seems to me they've earned the benefit of the doubt, and that Eater piece only serves to underscore that belief.

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          I popped in yesterday but didn't end up staying. The hipster hostess said, "I have some other stuff to do, but then I'll be able to seat you in about 20 minutes." Strange choice of words, even if it did look pretty busy. The menu was enticing enough if you can get past paying $3-$6 more than usual for Vietnamese standards.

          1. re: Steven Dilley

            I feel as though they've shown that they can hire great interior architects (Jamie Chioco, who's awesome). In my mind, Perla's is solid, Lambert's good for apps and sides, and anything not explicitly barbecue, and Elizabeth Street for spring rolls, minimally marked-up sake, and tight spaces.

            It's a cool space, I like the owners, and the menu's alright, but it is what it is, a neighborhood joint far removed from North Lamar.