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Dec 22, 2011 12:45 PM

~ How long does it take to boil precooked ham per pound? Package says 3 hours per 10lbs to bake ~

~ How long does it take to boil precooked ham per pound? Package says 3 hours per 10lbs to bake ~

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  1. The only reason to boil meat is to make stock or soup. The process ruins the taste and texture of the meat.

    However, if you had a whole Ham in the cryo, you could gently reheat in formerly-boiling water. Drop the ham into the pot and wait an hour with the heat off. The Ham is pre-cooked so it needs no cooking, just warming to serving temp.

    But really, why are you so devoted to boiling meat?

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      Simmering a ham can make it even more tender and allows more taste to come from the bone and through the meat.

      A fully cooked ham, especially with water added, is wayyyyyyy too salty. Simply putting it into the oven to bake makes it embarrassing to serve.

    2. Does anybody know how long it usually takes to boil or simmer meat per pound???

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        The thing is that you don't boil ham, you bake it, and you have the instructions from the package as 10 minutes per pound. Do you not have an oven?

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          If you Google for a recipe for pot roast, you'll find how long it takes to simmer a piece of meat.

          But, as others have said, doing that with something pre-cooked would be a nonsense

        2. Why would you want to boil it? That's a sure way to ruin a good precooked ham.

          Follow the baking instructions.

          1. You're got a PRE-cooked ham, no need to simmer it first at all. Just score the fat, season, pop in the oven, glaze after it's heated through, depending on weight. 3 hours @ 325° for 10 lbs.should heat it through nicely.

            Unless you don't have an oven, as one poster pointed out.

            1. The OP has asked this same question about a ham and a turkey...for some reason the choice appears to be boiled or not cooked.