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Dec 22, 2011 12:30 PM

New Orleans bread, not french bread.

Is it true? It seems that what I think of as New Orleans bread is vanishing? I do not refer to the tan baguettes that seem universal to the town, but to the darker chewy bread, that I have not seen in a while.

The tan stuff, al la, Leidenheimer is fine, even wonderful, but the darker, less crunchy slightly heavier stuff I recall is not in the places I frequent. Last I had it was Herbsaint.

Is it my imagination? If someone has a line on a recipe, I will be satiated.

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  1. new orleans French is unlike French French. besides an injection of Italian (in the non-pointed ends of the loaf, making it more efficient for sandwich utilization), the bread is light & fluffy while the crust is flaky. a radio piece with the Gendusa bakery said they were the originals and even tried to expand into Baton Rouge a generation ago with the same yeast cultures, but could not because of differences in the air humidity.

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      I always heard that the problem with re-creating New Orleans bread was the water being used. BR has very soft (and good tasting) well water whereas we have the river water.

      I thought the best bread was Angelo Gendusa's gigettes. He also had great muff bread and the seedless mini-muffs were great for parties. Leidenheimer bought them before Katrina.