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Dec 22, 2011 12:15 PM

Restaurant gift certificate ideas please

If you could choose a couple of San Diego county restaurant gift certificates where would you like them to be for if one was $50 for lunch and the other $200 for dinner?

Can you give me some ideas other than the usual CH suspects: Addison, Cafe Chloe, Cowboy Star, Linkery, Kitchen 1540? No sushi or Japanese and alcohol doesn't matter because this person doesn't drink. Thank you.

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  1. Farrmhouse Cafe, Urban Solace, Cucina Urbana

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    1. re: honkman

      Thanks honkman! I know they haven't been to Farmhouse and Urban Solace may be new to them too. Have you tried the sister restaurant, Moonlight Lounge?

      I'll be one of the fools out shopping tomorrow so if you guys have any more suggestions I'd love to hear them.

      1. re: Island

        We have been once to Moonlight and to be fair it was shortly after they opened and the service was friendly (including Chef Matt serving the entrees) but very rushed. The food is similar to Urban Solace but we found it overall a bit better at Urban Solace including the ambience (but the exception is the upstairs bar which is really nice for one (or several) cocktail and dessert. So if you are looking for a better dinner place we would pick Urban Solace, if you look for a better place to meet friends for some drinks and snacks we would pick Moonlight.

        1. re: honkman

          Went with Urban Solace and Farmhouse and your recs were a hit. They didn't waste anytime using either. Thanks again Honkman.