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Dec 22, 2011 11:53 AM

Za reopening

This is the email I got from ZA restaurant:

Za now has tentative plans to reopen mid January, 2012.
Thanks for your patience! We hope to see you soon.
Gift Certificates Extended

All outstanding Za Restaurant gift certificates will be honored for an additional six months beyond their 2 year expiration date.

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  1. happy to hear that. great news.

    1. Their web site now says February 1, 2012.

      1. Judging from the board this note was posted on, we can infer that this restaurant is located in... New Jersey?

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        1. re: equal_Mark

          Yes you can.
          Email from restaurant also says Feb. 1.

            1. re: fershore

              Atlantic City needs an Ethiopian restaurant. Glad to hear they are reopening!

          1. Za has REOPENED and both dining room have now been REMODELED. Hope to see you soon! Chef Mark Valenza

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            1. re: chaztv

              Utterly amazing that we are given ALL this news about something called ZA and it is all Ta Da! And yet, is it a restaurant and if so where?

              Yes mega points to equalmark for asking if it is at least in NJ and negative groan to all those who chose to comment yet not answer the question. Boo. Guess the place is one that for some reason needs to be a secret.

              1. re: Quine

                Za Restaurant

                147 W Delaware Ave.
                Pennington, NJ 08534
                (609) 737-4400


                yep, unique name. Been open a few years. Building was damaged by H. Irene and needed to be rebuilt. BYOB. Nice alternative for the Princeton area.