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Cooking for a very small group at Christmas- any suggestions?

maddogg280 Dec 22, 2011 11:43 AM

Our little Christmas party has sadly shrunk to three people (possibly a fourth, not counting on it)- due to illness and many other factors. It's kind of taken the excitment out of the big meal for me- I was planning to do a big slow-beer-braised brisket, but that is WAY too much for us. Can you recommend a happy, festive meal for three that won't leave us with a week's worth of leftovers? I was considering Cornish hens, but I did make them recently for a little holiday gathering. Hubby dislikes most seafood, so mainly looking at meat or poultry. I've already ordered our dessert - bouche de noel- feeds 6-8 so we'll be overboard on that (cranky french bakery that doesn't take back orders- even garuntees with credit card!) Merry Christmas to all- I wish everyone a fatastic holiday with every tasty treat you desire!

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    rjbh20 Dec 22, 2011 11:52 AM

    Even with a small group. Christmas dinner sort of calls out for a centerpiece roast -- Cornish hens almost seem to emphasize the downsized crowd. If you like birds and want something out of the ordinary, you might do goose, which actually isn't all that bountiful once the fat renders (save it!!), or capon. Or a small turkey, obviously.

    On the red meat side. crown roast of lamb -- basically two racks tied together -- or a small rib roast shouldn't burden you with undue leftovers. Individual Beef Wellingtons maybe (though this contravenes the "festive roast" concept).

    Good luck

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      Maximilien Dec 22, 2011 11:53 AM

      Some foie gras terrine as the first course..
      Rack of lamb (2, 3 cutlets per person) or duck confit, or duck magret with veggies (or potato cake/rostie) as the main dish. (make a nice madeira sauce)
      1,2 cheeses with nuts/dried fruits
      and dessert

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