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Dec 22, 2011 09:59 AM

New Years in Miami

I'm going to be in Miami for new years with some guy friends. We're looking for a good restaurant with fun bar scene (or restaurant and bar combo near each other) around South Beach to ring in the new year. We are late 20s/early 30s. Any suggestions? We'd prefer not to do the club scene. Thanks in advance.

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  1. It'll be tough finding a place on South Beach on New Years where you won't feel victimized afterward. Every place will be prix fixe and outrageous at that. What's your price range and that'll help with suggestions.

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      I agree-- everywhere in sobe on nye that is not a hole in the wall will be a ripoff. That being said, try Yardbird or one of the pubblellies. They might be your best bet.

    2. It's tough not to get fleeced on NYE at restaurants.

      A place that fits your description is Meat Market, which is a modern steakhouse on Lincoln Road with something of a lounge-y feel to it. The late seating is $245/pp for a 3-course dinner, which is awfully steep for what you get.

      Maybe a better option might be Sushi Samba - I think, if I read their website right, they're doing a slightly abbreviated version of their normal menu, with a $30/pp surcharge for the late seating. Michael Bloise is the chef there now and is a talented guy.

      Not so much of a bar scene, but good food and a nice place, Sardinia is doing a $100/pp NYE special (fixed menu only for the late 10pm seating; regular menu for earlier 6pm and 8pm seatings).

      If you're willing to venture off the beach, Sugarcane in Midtown is another place with good food and a good bar scene and I think they're basically running a slightly shortened version of their regular menu on NYE (and no surcharge that I'm aware of).

      1. The Dutch and Living Room at the W are a good combo