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Dec 22, 2011 09:32 AM

Tamales to-go North Seattle

I'd like to revive a childhood tradtion by having tamales on Christmas Eve. In Texas, where I grew up, there were countless places one could go to pick up a dozen tamales to serve at home. I've seen on this board mercados in S. Seattle/White Center where you can purchase tamales to steam at home, but hoping someone knows of a good option on the North / North East side of town (Shoreline, Lynnwood, LFP, Kenmore, Bothell, Woodinville area). Any hope for a homesick Texan?

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  1. How I miss the flavors of Texas and New Mexico!

    I have been meaning to try the tamales at Casa Corona in Lynnwood (in the strip mall behind the DQ). They sell by the dozen and require a 1 day notice. If you try them, please report back. I too would like a source for tamales.

    Another possibility ... Plaza Latina grocery in Shoreline on Rt 99. It's known to be well stocked on all latino products. I've been meaning to visit.

    Note to a Texan: IMO the only decent Dairy Queen in this region is in South Bellevue.

    1. Heresy I am sure, but just at this time of the year, Trader Joe's carries fresh tamales in 10 packs, green with chicken or red with pork. They are better than any other store bought ones I've tried. The green are a bit spicy even. $9.95 I think for 10. I believe they are made in California.

      1. A little outside of your desired area, but I have found excellent Tamales at a Mexican Grocery in Spanaway/Tacoma. I think this is the place - La Huerta 2 International Market
        5605 Pacific Avenue, Tacoma, WA 98408 (253) 474-1727. I live in Oregon, but on each visit to Spanaway, we place an order, or two, for these tamales and eat at least one in the parking lot before driving away. They take orders ahead of time and have them ready on Fridays. We are headed there this weekend and have our order in. If I have given incorrect information on the location, I will repost upon my return.‎

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          Edit to my previous reply -- this is the place we go to - La Popular 11216 Pacific Ave S, Tacoma,(253) 537-1700, not La Huerta. Just as good as always.

        2. El Camion - the taco truck at 11728 Aurora Ave N. (206.367.2777)

          I went to a party this week that had food catered from the one in South Seattle - a ton of food. We ended up with tamales to take home. They have either pork or chicken filling - a dab of mole for flavor. The masa is heavier than the best I've eaten in Mexico, but they are large and quite good. Not sure if they are open today, but at least closer to home? Call to see - and find out what's available - they make other fillings. Menu says $2.50 each.

          1. Update - I found Garza Mexican Foods online - www.garzafoods.com. These folks are incredible! Tiny tiny hole in the wall in Wallingford (4221 NE 70th St.). Joe (who was in the store when I arrived at 10:00am on Christmas Eve) had 1 mixed dozen tamales left as they had been filling pre-orders for a week. So I got 8 chicken and 4 beef. These were exactly what I wanted and Joe really knows what he's doing. They are a very small outlet now, but wait until all the other ex-pat Texans find out about them. Seriously, these were as good as any I could get in any major or minor city in Texas. I'm in love. Check them out!

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              Their web site shows their address as 7347 35th Ave NE Seattle WA 98115 - that puts them in Wedgewood. Any idea why the discrepancy? Even your address puts them in Viewridge, not Wallingford. NE is not Wallingford.

              Glad you found somewhere to suit your needs.

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                I don't think that Wedgwood address is right. That's a little complex with the Black Pearl (Chinese), a Subway, a take-out meal place, and a Dentist (I think?). I used to live across the street.

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                  The Wedgewood address is correct, they are in the mini mall with Subway, a dentist, Black Pearl, etc. Took over the store front for the Blue Plate Special. Only open on weekends, and closed today and tomorrow for the holiday. Stopped by today and saw their handwritten sign on the door.

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                    Thanks for clarifying! Blue Plate Special=the take out meal place I was thinking of. Guess I haven't been back to my old 'hood nearly enough. Glad they're getting some new places!