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Dec 22, 2011 09:28 AM

Consistency and reliability - not necessarily a bad thing

I was inspired to post this thread after reading some of the other threads on this board. There are many former favourites that have been judged to have gone down in their quality. There are other places that have been criticized for keeping things the same and not changing/innovating. So I am interesting in hearing about places that have remained consistent over the years AND people also still like going there.

I'll start by listing a few myself. Note that I am not necessarily saying that these are the best places to dine in the GTA. But they do have something that I like that has remained dependably and reliably the same over the years. Most of these places I have been going to for decades.

Bacchus - for the spinach and squash roti

Country Style - for hearty Hungarian dishes

Lee Garden - for the deep fried cuttlefish

Astoria Shish Kebab House - for the pork souvlaki and grilled chicken breast

Swatow - for the shrimp dumpling noodle soup

Bonjour Brioche - for the brioche, baguettes and the clafouti

Jerusalem - for the sauteed tomato appetizer

Jumbo Empanadas - for the empanadas obviously

United Bakers Dairy - for the soups

Interested to hear what other people pick.


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  1. Utopia on College has always been consistently reliable.

    1. Cafe Michi for reasonably priced 'Japanese own and operated' sushi.

      O'Mei for Giant lobsters 3/4 ways. 7 years and counting and tasted as good as day 1

      Tutto Bene - Excellent Italian Trattoria and still producing great fare after 10+ years. Grilled seafood medley with lobster Boullabaise reduction appetizer has no parallel.

      Pastis - Seems to be there forever! Very good French bistro food. Never had a bad experience! Best calves liver and Soupe de Poisson in town!

      Torito's - Very good Spanish tapas. Another establishment that seems to be there forever?! Food still good after changing chefs a number of time! Lovely beef cheeks and tongue! Incredible aroma!

      1. I would most definitely agree with Pastis and also add Le Paradis and Starfish

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          Yes!! Definitely Starfish!!!! Actually, their cooked food/fish is even better than before!!