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Dec 22, 2011 09:15 AM

baking racks for half-sheet pans?


What do you use for baking racks that will fit inside a standard half-sheet pan? I plan to roast a butterflied turkey and want something to keep the bird on out of the pan juices and allow air to circulate under the bird. All I seem to find are lighter-duty cooling racks that don't fit snugly.

Has anybody tried this: If so, how tall is it? Does it work? What works better?

My search thus far is harder than I expected.


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  1. Here you go:

    I have the full size rack and the quality is excellent. Visit your local restaurant supply or order online, just do a search for Vollrath and the part number you want. Measure your pan to be safe.

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      Better yet buy rack and pan at the same time. The rack that I bought at a kitchen supply was just a smidgen to wide from the half sheet pans that I have. It does not rest flush on the 4 feet. It is usable, but it would have been better if I'd done the test fit in the store.

      For most applications a rack that fits just inside the pan is tall enough, and sturdy enough. The same thing should work for baking, cooling, and draining (fried items).

    2. I just brought these for my pans and they seem to fit ok.

      1. Have you tried your friendly local restaurant supply store? The one here has the half-sheet racks sitting right next to the half-sheet pans.

        1. As has been said earlier, you're best to take you 1/2 sheet pan to whichever store you'll buy the rack in. I think though that a 1/2 sheet pan might be too shallow for the fat that will come off of a whole turkey that's been butterflied.

          1. FWIW, I cooked a butterflied 13-lb turkey recently and ran into the same issue. Instead of a rack, I propped the turkey on top of cut-up onions, carrots and fennel. It did the same job, plus the roasting vegetables added great flavor to the drippings (which I used to make gravy).

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              Or combine the methods, and spread the layer of chopped vegetables under the rack.