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Dec 22, 2011 07:44 AM

Jo Blo lounge - Verdun

There seems to be a new resto lounge in Verdun, on Wellington.. called Jo Blo..
Anybody tried it yet?

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  1. Maybe I should blame it on the fact they only recently opened but the staff was clearly overwhelmed and the place was not even packed, it was 19:00 ish on Friday night. Cute little mime uniforms for the male servers, two older people who looked like the owners sort of just walking around. We ordered the jalapeno poppers, 6 halves of jalapeno with cheese inside and wrapped in bacon served on top of "marinara" (which was not real marinara to be frank but was tasty all the same), The beer was ok cold but the champagne cocktail I took was tepid warm at best, a huge fail. On to our order for mains. One of us took a russian smoked meat sandwich and I took a burger. The server did not even ask what level of doneness I wanted which I found odd. Then it arrives. With shoestring fries. Mouth was watering, it looked so good in the filtered lighting. Start to taste and lo and behold, cold fries. A so so warm pattie. COLD, like in right out of the fridge bacon, Seriously... out of the fridge bacon! For $17, I think it is not extravagant to expect a hot burger, cooked to order, not dry like a shoe sole, bacon that is at minimum reheated and fries that haven't been sitting there for what seemed like at least 30 minutes under no heating lamp whatsoever. During the meal I asked for a cocktail that never arrived. Nobody asked if the food was ok until the very end of the meal, plus when we went to pay, they tried to pull one over on us giving us a non standard illegal cash receipt. Pay your taxes, incompetents, just like the rest of us. They are clearly trying to attract some kind of hipster clientele, that likes retro first half of the 20th century vibe and classic cocktails. It does not gel in the end and you end up eating next to mononcle et matante verdun regulars, who you normally would've seen at another top notch Verdun place, Garage. Douchebags r us! This place is going absolutely nowhere. Save your money for a real classic cocktail and comfort food adventure at some place like Taverne Square Dominion. Ok you'll pay a little more but trust me, sitting down for a disaster meal like this, makes you realize the worth the extra chunck of your salary is.

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      I've been nervous about Joblo since I saw the horse lampsand fancy light fixtures through the window. Lack of crowds, odd decor, and tepid reviews to date are holding me back. Too bad. I'll just save up for Mas.

      Since I agree with you on Dominion, I'll respectfully disagree on Garage. One of the few places to get a simple burger and beer at a decent price in Verdun. It delivers on what I would reasonably expect for a casual restaurant. No more, no less.

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        I think you must have went on a bad night.
        I have been there about 4 times since the opening. (I live nearby) The service and food have always been fantastic. Although, probably not very good for my figure.
        The fries are thin and amazing, possibly my favourite french fries in the city. The burgers are tasty however a bit too much when combined with the fries. I had the bavette twice, once great, the second time so-so. The mac and cheese is very smooth and tasty. The Mechant Boris is YUMMY, as is the grilled cheese. :) To re-cap: Down home comfort food with a flare of decor and friendly service, you can't go wrong. Oh yes, 6$ champagne...hello, I'll have 2 please. :)

      2. Given the name I couldn't help but wonder if they are somehow connected with the Montreal-based movie review website

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          I thought they were just playing off the slang "Joe Blow" (meaning an average person)

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            1. I went to JoBlo last night and was very pleasantly surprised. I had none of the issues cpdp4u described. We arrived at 7pm, a group of 4, and were unexpectedly confronted with a full dining room! There was a couple of tables for two available, but no larger! Really encouraging for a Thursday night in Verdun! We managed to score some seats at the bar, after a bit of shuffling of patrons, so we could enjoy a drink whilst we waited for a table. Nice champagne cocktail to begin ($9), very reasonably priced. We were seated at a table, orders were taken relatively promptly. There was a bit of a lengthy wait for food (explained at the end of the meal as being due to a waitress calling in sick) but the food was hot and fresh was it arrived. The food was very tasty, but very rich - very much in the comfort food genre - there was even mac and cheese on one of the burgers! The fries were good, thin, crispy, much better than a similar style I had recently at Deville Diner. We all tooks sandwiches or burgers - my burger was the Western - advertised as having jalapeno and cheese sausage on it, I was surprised to find that it actually featured a split and griddled whole sausage! A pretty decadent burger! For dessert, we shared a slice of chocolate cake (it had a fancy name but I can' remember now) and coconut cream pie. Both were good - the chocolate cake especially had quite an unusual texture - a bit cheesecake-y, a bit mousse-y. The waiter suggested it was like a ferrero rocher, however we couldn't taste any hazelnut.

              A mention about the staff and the service - we received excellent service all night, despite them being down a waitress. Our waiter in particular was very friendly and personable, the service was professional but still easy going. Too many times lately I have mediocre service - pleasant, but with no real warmth - but this was not the case here.

              Also, for reference, they have the standard, legal cash receipt now, with the hieroglyphs.

              Their future plans include making a long narrow room on the side of the dining room into a cocktail lounge, in the style of a rail carriage bar.