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Is chow the only good food site?

I've been using this site for years and love the recipes as well as the lovely pictures and videos.I have not been able to find any website that compares.If anyone has any suggestions im open to them!

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  1. global or only qu├ębec/montreal food site ?


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            Thanks! Food 52 looks great.live the photography.for me food is very visual,need pictures in a cookbook otherwise I don't know what to aspire to.looks promising


            1. No. Yes. No. Sort of. In a way.

              I view it as a practical hub with mostly kindly people point someone in the right direction, whether it be to a blog, recipe website, specialty food website (pizza or breadmaking, etc.), scientific information, or a helpful article. You can depend on having a question answered relatively quickly, which doesn't happen on many blogs or specialty sites. The recipes and how-to videos are great, but I usually use them as a jumping off point to google more about the subject.

              This thread will prove your question to be poorly phrased. Already many people have shouted out very good food sites you can visit. Where else could you go to get such speedy suggestions?

              1. AFAIC, Chowhound is the best place on the net to discuss food. Chow is another story. I very rarely go on Chow. It doesn't really do much for me.

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                  chowhound isn't a very good discussion board either
                  the software is terrible
                  having said that, i like the moderation style

                  1. website? No. Forum? it's up there.

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                      Roadfood is pretty good. It has a different focus than Chowhound.