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Dec 22, 2011 06:18 AM

The Spaniard Tapas Bar & Cafe in Boca Raton?

Just saw this mentioned in the Sun Sentinel. It apparently went in where Moquila was. Anyone been? How is the paella? Apparently they owned a place called La Barraca in Plantation and then Hollywood. Said he sold it and came to Boca.

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  1. could be interesting, it was a nice space parking round there can be iffy in season

    1. This is excellent news. It looks like catering and not restaurant. It is the same chef (and website) as La Barraca. We frequented the Plantation restaurant but his Hollywood location was too far. The tapas and paella were the best in Broward and true to form. I now have my New year plan.

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        Edit to my previous post - there is a Tapas bar and a catering business. Even better. Can't find a menu for the Cafe, but the tapas offered for catering are very typical and the prices look reasonable.

      2. Go! The food is awesome. I went there and ordered many dishes, each one was delicious.

        We had the following dishes:
        Grilled vegetable cake in a light pastry crust w/manchego and spicy tomato sauce,
        roasted piquillo peppers w fish and calamari, in lobster sauce that reminded me of a romesco sauce (but I could be wrong about that),
        lamb chops w/a date and brandy demi glace,
        octopus ceviche,
        seafood paella for two with seafood and fish,
        creme brule catalana style (I can't remember what it was called on the menu but not creme brule).

        The tempranillo wines (2) our server picked out for us were both great. The owner is a riot and a joy to speak with.

        Here are some pics of the food. I wasn't at this event though. I am dying to try the black paella.

        1. Went there last night - will definitely go back. Started out with the tapas duo of chorizo, it was okay and I'll try something different next time. Also did the tapas Shrimp Ajillo - was good but came out boiling which takes the flavor away so it didn't have much garlic. Again will try something new. Why will we go back? The paella was wonderful!!! We got the Valenciana with lobster and the special rice and ate every bite!!!! We also ordered the sangria and it was also great - not sweet like alot of places make it and we didn't really need the extra shot of brandy we ordered (we did use it on the first pitcher which is probably why we ordered a second lol!!!!). DH took one taste of his paella and declared that he would definitely go back soon!

          1. We've tried twice now. We catered a party (paella, langostinos, mushrooms). Then we had tapas - corvina, setas, gambas, tartaleta, tortilla, patatas (both), lanostinos, queso de cabra, vegetales a la parilla. We also had 2 desserts and some sangria. I'm anxious to try the meat and other shellfish and will return.
            The food is very good, not great, but certainly better than anything outside Miami. The service is a bit spotty, best to avoid weekend nights. Two diners is not enough to get a good variety. Four diners @12 tapas plus sangria costs @ $40-50 each for a reasonable meal. Skip the dessert.

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              Four us had dinner there last night (Friday) and most of the tapas we had were excellent and well done. Couple of them were tasteless and overcooked but would certainly go back to try other things on the menu. The biggest downside is the noise level in the place. It's not that large and while they have a back dining room it was not in use last night. Our table was straddlling the kitchen on one side and the stage on the other and much to our surprise and dismay at 9:00 pm a troupe of Flamenco dancers, singers and artists began performing. It was so loud we had to move as we couldn't talk. Then the buses started arriving. Apparently, Boca has a bus tour where folks get dropped off at several places for a round of drinks and then move on. Needelss to say this totally downgraded our dining experience, particulalry after one patron kept smacking my friend in the back with her purse..
              The kicker was when the bill came they had added $5 per person for the Flamenco performance!! We weren't told and we didn't enjoy it. Note to self - keep away on weekends.