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Dec 22, 2011 06:15 AM

Cocktail: Tom and Jerry

Does anyone know where to get a Tom and Jerry in the Boston area? I grew up in Northern New York and this drink is a Christmas tradition that I am trying to relocate.

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  1. Drink does them sometimes. I suspect Hawthorne might be doing them around this time as well. I would call either and see if they have made or plan to make the batter.

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    1. re: DoubleMan

      Try Drink if you want to talk above a whisper.

      1. re: DoubleMan

        Swung by Hawthorne Friday before Christmas. Sadly, no Toms there, although they had an excellent nog variant.

      2. No. 9 and Drink reliably make an outstanding version, served in vintage mugs. It helps to have the services of a top-notch pastry chef at your disposal for making batter on demand. The rule of thumb is that the T&Js don't come out until after the first snowstorm of the season, but they've waived that this year because we had one freak snowstorm in October and a lot of 50-60 degree weather since. Last time I asked (a couple of Fridays ago), neither was doing them yet, but I bet they're on now. It's an annual indulgence for me.

        1. No. 9 has had it since the first snow in October. Drink generally only has it when it is snowing that night) . Other places I have seen Tom & Jerry's include Rendezvous and Craigie on Main. With the exception of No. 9 Park, I would call in advance to see if the bar will have it.

          Tom & Jerry's aren't that hard to make at home if you are so inclined, but it is definitely great to see the variety of how Boston barchefs interpret the recipe (and to see what vintage of mug sets they are sporting).

          1. Had a terrificly thick, custard-like, boozy & balanced eggnog last night at the Clio bar. They whip it up down at pastry then Todd concocts the potion.

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            1. re: Nab

              Real, fresh eggnog is an amazing thing. I often whip some up this time of year: eggs, milk, heavy cream, spices, booze, yum.

              1. re: StriperGuy

                I think it's better aged. And, surprisingly, safer (at least after 2-3 weeks).


                Mine just hit 8 weeks old.

                  1. re: StriperGuy

                    I did this this year. Not on purpose though. Made four liters of eggnog for a party, went through three and just finished up the last one which has been around for three weeks.

                    I did find that the aged one had more complexity and mellowed into more of a elegant mix of flavors rather than the distinct flavors you get with the fresh egg nog. I think I preferred the fresh which had more of a fresh cream and distinctive alcohol (in my case rum) taste, but the aged was definitely interesting and became it's own drink.

              2. re: Nab

                Clio's Todd Maul's vanilla-laden Egg Nog is probably the best I've had in Boston (including my own kitchen).

                While both Nog and tom & Jerry can be served hot and cold, for some reason, Nog won out for the cold version and T&J for the hot.


                1. re: yarm

                  His Bols & clarified lime jus gimlet is maybe the best around town, too.

                  We have several good cocktail bars and many bad cocktail bars, but very few great ones where you can actually sit down and have a conversation and a rapport with your bartender. And that's what it's all about. Todd's the man.

                  1. re: Nab

                    Totally right about Todd. I have to confess I'm an eggnog virgin: my Southern family's tradition for the holidays was boiled custard with "flavoring", and I've stuck to that. If ever I give in and have my first eggnog at a bar, it will be from Todd at Bar at Clio.

                    1. re: Nab

                      What the heck is Bols. I know they make a line of cordials, but you re probably referring to Bols Liquer the original which I don't think I've ever tried.

                      1. re: StriperGuy

                        I'm guessing Bols Genever, since Nab was referring to a gimlet variation? I'm not sure what lime "jus" is though... a play on "jus" for fun, or just short-cut writing, or does Darth Maul actually make something called "clarified lime jus"?

                        1. re: StriperGuy

                          For some reason, people call Bols Genever "Bols" ignoring the fact that they have a portfolio of several hundred products. I think it was part of Bols' marketing strategy to insist that they were bringing back Genever to to the US market (despite the fact that we had been buying Boomsma for years before Bols showed up) and trying to make it the Coca Cola of Genever so that people ask for Bols akin to asking for Coke instead of Genever and cola.


                          1. re: yarm

                            Very true, yarm.

                            Alcachofa, he does make a clarified lime juice using a centrifuge which, in his words: "...becomes brighter. It has a very different mouthfeel and therefore interacts with the gin on a very different level." And I would agree.


                            (jus was juss me saving keystrokes which has apparently backfired!)

                            1. re: Nab

                              I had a feeling science was involved.