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Dec 22, 2011 06:04 AM

Appetizer with thai turkey sausage - need ideas

I need your brilliant minds to help me come up with an appetizer for Christmas dinner . I have two criteria I'd like in the dish:

1) Use the turkey sausage (thai flavored) that I made from scratch from our farm raised turkeys
2) Fit the appetizer in small amuse bouche glasses that I just bought so no casseroles

Any ideas? I'm just totally drawing a blank today.

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  1. How big are the glasses? Maybe toss some noodles in a green curry sauce and put one forkful in a spiraled pile at the bottom of the glass, then top with a slice of your sausage, and then top that with some thinly sliced pickled cucumbers?

    Would that be too dificult to eat?

    1. Since it's nice homemeade sausage, I would let it stand on it's own a bit. Maybe fill the bottom of the glasses with a bright sweet chili sauce, then make small skewers of rounds or chunks of the sausage and grill it on a grill pan, and place in the glass with the sauce. For a bit of green, you could tie a green onion around the base of the glass, or put a little lime wedge on the tops of the skewers.

      1. Which Thai flavors did you use in the sausage?

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          These sound like great ideas. The glasses are pretty small but I could chop rather than slice the cucumbers as katecm suggested.

          There are 2 types of sausage one is a green curry flavor and the other is chili and lemongrass.

        2. Try little slices of the sausage with small slices of fresh pineapple. When we are in Chiang Mai, we have this and it is a delicious combination.

          1. Curious about the form of your sausage - is it in casings? Is it raw or cured? It sounds wonderful.

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              The sausage is bulk not in casings. I would have used casings but forgot to order them in time for the turkey processing. It's raw sausage - not cured. If I hadn't already had a hog processed just a few months before the turkeys I would have stuck to more traditional sausage flavors. I'm glad that I ventured out into something other than Italian sausage.

              The green curry sausage was a recipe is found here:


              I just used turkey and not turkey and chicken.

              The lemongrass and chili sausage I just made up because I was tired of making the green curry.

              1. re: rosepoint

                It sounds wonderful. The reason I asked is because I made something for a large cookout two summers ago that you might work into your dish. Being monetarily-challenged, I took advantage of a terrific price at my local market for ground turkey. I flavored it with typical lawn gai salad ingredients and some panko and made little meatballs. Baked, cooled, and wrapped each in a bit of butter lettuce, and served with a little rice vinegar, sugar and sweet chile sauce dip. Not sure if any part of this will work for you, but it worked well for me as a room-temp, make-ahead hit.