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Dec 22, 2011 06:00 AM

Birthday Seafood Dinner Recs?

Got a birthday dinner coming up and was hoping for some suggestions. Looking for a seafood oriented restaurant with interesting choices. Not interested in Joes (we get crabs from Delaware farms too often) or Naoe (been there a bunch of times already--love it but looking for somewhere new). Any thoughts? Anywhere from downtown/sobe to WPB is good in terms of location.

Also, are there are any true molecular gastronomy restaurants in the area?

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  1. There's Area 31 at the Epic in downtown Miami. It's seafood-centric. Haven't been since Chef Critchley left but new chef is doing good things.

    Although not seafood centric, the crudo app and wahoo main I had at The Dutch in the W South Beach were incredible. They got other seafood dishes as well. Plus the Salted Key Lime pie beats Joe's hands down.

    1. I haven't been to Tony Sindaco's new Sea Restaurant in Lauderdale By the Sea yet.

      But I've been hearing good things... and he's certainly created many great meals in the past while at Sunfish Grill.

      That said, it's a small place and he keeps the menu quite small to focus on quality.

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        I have not been to Alta Mar since they expanded and moved, but you can always look for something out of the ordinary on the specials! Last time out I had sheepshead which I thought had been fished out! Or at least they have been from Sheepsheads Bay in Brooklyn

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          We enjoyed Sea VERY much! However, if you are looking for a celebratory atmosphere, this may not be the place. It is small and casual...but food and service were excellent!