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Dec 22, 2011 02:40 AM

Sage Tea Using Fresh...?

Hi, thanks in advance. What are the steps when making sage tea using fresh sage leaves? For example, does one have to wash the leaves or crush them?

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  1. I would recommend drying the sage before making tea with it. You will get a better tasting extraction if you air dry the herb by tying it in small bundles by the stems and hanging them in a warmish place for a few days. Twist ties work great for this. Check them daily for any mold (remove any moldy bits and rotate wet herb from the center of bundle to outside if needed) and to tighten the bundles as the moisture leaves the stems and they shrink.

    When the leaves are dry and crumble easily do that with a small amount and brew it up. Start small as this is strong stuff and can easily be too bitter for many people. Honey takes the edge off nicely. Store your intact leaves in a glass jar until ready to brew.

    Many herbs can be used in tea form. My latest experiments include rosemary. Enjoy.