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Dec 21, 2011 11:31 PM

Polish deli, Route 37, Toms River

Has anyone been in the new Polish deli that recently opened in the strip mall on Rt 37? It's near the MRI place that used to house a pizza place, maybe La Famiglia and the old Pepperidge Farm outlet store? Near Mule Rd...anyone?

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  1. it's in the same mall as el familiar and ja rock.... spent about $50 in 5 minutes. multiple keibasa, great breads, multiple blood wursts, head cheese and many other goodies

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    1. re: chefMD

      But that strip mall is on Rt 166, (Stella Towne Ctr. 1246 Rte. 166 (Hilltop Rd.) Toms River, NJ 08753) so if this one is on Rt 37 It must be a new and different one.

      But YES!! the one on Rt 166 is great! She used to be on Rt 9 in Lakewood (just past the Parkway overpass) Great place for Polish meat products (Bacon!!!) and breads.

      1. re: chefMD

        And I did look at a map of TR Mule road does cross Rt 37 on the hospital (Walmart BJs )side of Rt 37. So now am very confused if this is a new place or not.

        1. re: Quine

          No, this is a different deli. The one you reference is by Il Giardinello on Rt 166. . This one is on Rt 37 on the eastbound side about 1/4 mile from BJ's.

          1. re: Jerseygirl111

            I thought so. I know the Rt 166 one is great but the Rt 37 one I haven't seen yet. We elect you to go. :-) I live down in Manahawkin.

            1. re: Quine

              Oh boy, how did this happen... Where the heck is Tapas when I need him? I will try to go next week.

              1. re: Jerseygirl111

                The Polish Deli is on rt 37 in Toms River next to Pepperidge farms in a strip mall.....with Full House Chinese Take Polish friends sources tell me its just ok & the first time owners are lacking in experience & authenticity compared to the one mentioned above in Stella Town Plaza on rt 166....more to come....

                1. re: Tapas52

                  Woohoo! I knew you'd come through for me! Thanks Tapas, disappointing to hear but good to're the best!

                  1. re: Jerseygirl111

                    Jerseygirl 111 your very welcome.......... for great Polish fare try South River NJ Polonia, or Krakowiak Restaurants....

                    Merry Xmas!!

      2. Hi there,

        I know I'm a little late on this one but I have actually been to this deli several times. They aren't bad for my purposes, however, there is a lot they don't offer. I like their standard kielbasa much better than Lucia's. However, they have many different varieties and their garlic one is not great. Lucia's offers a lot more homemade products but I don't usually buy any of them anyway (I make my own sauerkraut and peirogies, stuffed cabbage etc.). This place has a large meat case, and I understand that most of their meats are pretty good but I haven't tried most of them. Lucia's has a better selection but they are pricier by far, so it could be worth checking out this place for meats.

        The new deli does not make their own peirogies (or much else), which surprised I asked them about it. They said that they plan to start making their own, as well as many other products in the future but they are not able to right now as they get everything set up. So for now....I buy my kielbasa there (about two dollars and change a pound, which means the equivalent of a ring at Lucia's (cost of anywhere from 12-20 dollars) for about 5 to six dollars). When I need anything else, such as when I bought lekwar for Christmas cookies, I go to Lucia's. We shall see what the future brings for the new deli though.

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          1. re: lividbeez

            Went last week and was pleasantly surprised. I like Luisa's too and they compliment each other. Lusia makes some of her own cold cuts especially the excellent roast pork. Her stuffed cabbage and stuffed pepper are also excellent.
            The Polish deli has better kielbasy and homemade pirogi. Luisa's pirogi tends to fall apart in preparation.Prices are significantly lower at the Polish deli. I suspect that they both get most of their meats from Chicago.

            For the best Polish food anywhere go to Adam's in Wallington. Been there for 100 years and everything the make is terrific. Best kielbasy anywhere

            For excellent all homemade

            1. re: FWeats

              I am a fan of the new polish deli for their low prices and I like their kielbasa better than lucias. I generally make basically everything else myself in terms of saurkraut, stuffed cabbage and peppers. Although I generally also make my own pierogi as well...I have never had a problem with lucia's and do actually like them. The polish deli doesn't sell homemade pierogi, they sell a packaged pierogi that in my opinion isn't even as good as mrs t's.

              1. re: lividbeez

                My wife also makes stuffed cabbage and pirogi but it's alot of work. thePolish deli did have home made pirogi at 7$ a dozen and it was excellent. I also avoid the packaged stuff because it is never good. Do you know where both places get their kielbasy?. I suspect Ray's or another of the Chicago places but hesitate to ask. The home made pirogi was limited , only potato and cheese,bluberry and sauerkraut.

                1. re: lividbeez

                  Hungarian salimi $16.99 at Luisa and $8.99 at Polish Deli. He gets his kielbasa from Pulaski and from some place in NYC. Lowest prices anywhere.

                  1. re: lividbeez

                    Piast in Garfield. Has an excellent website and great online ordering. I just ordered 7 different kinds of their home made kelbasa ,3 diferent kinds of pirogi. Spare ribs and Polish rye. Prices are rock bottom and quality top notch. Far superior to the local places.