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Dec 21, 2011 11:25 PM

PSA: Safeway Wine Sale 30%+ off

Not sure if this applies in all states but I live in Portland, Oregon. Safeway is discounting all bottles of wine priced $20+ by 30%. If you purchase 6 bottles (can mix bottles), you get an additional 10% off. I walked away with some great higher priced Oregon pinot noirs and California chardonnays for great deals!

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  1. What were the wines and how much?

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    1. re: wineglas1

      Keep in mind I'm a relative newbie. These were some of my purchases:

      2009 Bethel Heights Pinot Noir Estate (retail $34.99, sale $24.49)
      2009 Adelsheim Pinot Noir Willamette Valley (retail $32.77, sale $22.94)
      2009 Archery Summit Pinot Noir Premier Cuvée (retail $52.69, sale $36.88)
      2008 Argyle Pinot Noir Reserve (retail $40.99, sale $28.69)
      2009 Domaine Drouhin Oregon Chardonnay Arthur (retail $34.99, sale $24.49)
      2009 WillaKenzie Estate Pinot Noir Estate Cuvée (retail $32.99, sale $23.09)
      I also got a Jordan Chardonnay that I've already consumed.

      I got an additional 10% off sale price for buying 6+ bottles of wine too. I hope I didn't get totally hosed. After looking up winery prices, I was satisfied that I got a good deal.

      1. re: ORtastytravels

        Not bad prices at all so no you did not get hosed. I have seen better prices but we are talking a few bucks here or there.