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Dec 21, 2011 09:40 PM

Are blood oranges to be found in S. Bay area?

If so where, and how much? TIA.

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  1. Tarocco or moro?

    Moro is the most common variety and can be found at the Alemy Farmers market. Sometimes Andronicos carries them.

    In the East Bay both Berkeley Bowl and Monterrey Market BB has both varieties, tho currently I've only seen moro.

    1. Don't know the prices, but there's a vendor at the Mountain View farmer's market on Sundays who sells them.

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        Thanks for your response. I need them for Christmas Eve. Sunnyvale's FM is on Saturday so that's another option.

      2. Farmer Joe's in Oakland has them. Not sure which variety.

        1. Try Sigona's or Dreger's.

          1. In Mountain View, there's a little market at the corner of Moffett and Central Avenue. It used to be a run down market with a few chiles and a taqueria in the back, but now it has new owners and tons of produce and a huge selection of slavic specialties.

            I should write this up separately, but I bought a blood orange there yesterday. Deeeeeeelicious. Sorry not sure of the price or the type, but the prices here are really really good in general.

            And the market's worth stopping by even if you're looking for something else. It's Oakville or Oakmont or Oaksomething. Someone there really cares about quality and selection. I am soooo

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              Hmmm...I lived in MV for many years and can't picture the market you speak of. Is it Central Expressway, or Avenue? Moffet turns into Castro Street once you cross the Expressway.

              There's an Oakmont Produce on Homestead, and Blaney in Cupertino.

              Milk Pail probably has them as well.

              Thanks the same.

              1. re: letsindulge

                Sorry, it's Central Avenue--I thought I mentioned that in my original reply.

                It recently changed hands, used to be a really meh place with tired produce. It's behind Shana Thai (the worst pad kee mao of my life--tasted like it was cooked in a dirty wok). Kitty corner from the National Guard recruiting office.

                And it's called Oakmont Produce (checked as I drove by), but the sign by the road is very hard to read. Much easier to read the words on the roof area of the store.

                PS Yes, you're right, Moffett turns into Castro at Central Expressway. Both Central Avenue and the market are on the Moffett side.