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Best places for martinis & oysters in SF?

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I'd like to take my mom out for a great martini & oyster lunch someplace in SF proper. Any suggestions? If you have a fabulous place that only serves those items at dinner that's fine too. Thanks!

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    1. Waterbar has $1 oysters (oyster special of the day) and a full bar (plus a view of the Bay Bridge). They also have more expensive seafood and a full menu at lunch.

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      1. Farallon
        especially fun for daily happy hour.

        1. what else are you planning to eat for lunch besides oysters?

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            why would they need anything else?

          2. Bix. Martins, oysters, martinis and atmosphere. Open Fridays for lunch.

            1. All of these are great suggestions. Elite Cafe would work on the weekends, too. (Only open for dinner weekdays)