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Dec 21, 2011 08:18 PM

Best places for martinis & oysters in SF?

I'd like to take my mom out for a great martini & oyster lunch someplace in SF proper. Any suggestions? If you have a fabulous place that only serves those items at dinner that's fine too. Thanks!

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    1. Waterbar has $1 oysters (oyster special of the day) and a full bar (plus a view of the Bay Bridge). They also have more expensive seafood and a full menu at lunch.

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      1. Farallon
        especially fun for daily happy hour.

        1. what else are you planning to eat for lunch besides oysters?

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          1. re: vulber

            why would they need anything else?

          2. Bix. Martins, oysters, martinis and atmosphere. Open Fridays for lunch.