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Dec 21, 2011 06:19 PM

Salmon hash?

The New Yorker 12/21/11 article by Calvin Trillin mentioned this dish, created perhaps by Chef Greg Higgins in the '80s, containing fried onions, potato cubes, and flaked (smoked?) salmon sounded good, so I reach out to ask for a recipe. Also, could it work with fresh salmon or tuna, which is available where I live? Any comments will be appreciated.

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  1. I have made a similar dish using fresh salmon. I found that the variety of salmon could make a significant difference but, quite frankly, the canned salmon actually worked best. Fresh Sockeye came in second.

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      What proportions worked for you?

    2. I'm certainly no expert, but when I think of hash, and make it, I think small cubed potatoes, onions and some type of meat. Left over pork, steak, or other meat is usually included, but I've also made it without meat using other veggies. Top off with an egg.

      I can't imagine making it in anything other than a cast iron pan to get that crispy, sort of chared taste on the potatoes and onions.

      I agree salmon hash sounds good, but never made hash with fish. I would add it late since it will already be cooked. My only recipe is salt and pepper to taste.

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        You brush on one of my questions. If skinned, raw salmon fillet were cut into, say, 1/2" squares added last and stirred up, might that work, to have the fish flesh nearly - but not completely - set? And what herbs, if any, should be thrown on last?