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Dec 21, 2011 05:36 PM

how sweet is too sweet for homemade whipped cream?

I love making whipped cream in my mixer.....couldn't be more simple and delicious.
I was curious to hear how much confectioner's sugar you all use when you mix, say, two pints of heavy cream. I also add a tablespoon of vanilla.
Thank you, have sweet holidays!

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  1. For what? To use it as topping for a pie or to consume the homemade whipped cream as sake. :)

    I put very little to no sugar.

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      1. re: mcf

        :) Typo. I mean to write "snack", but I spelled it as sake (Japanese rice wine). Yeah, we are going to have whipped cream sake. :D

    1. per cup of cream, I use a heaping tablespoon of sugar (I prefer granulated) and about 1/2 tsp of vanilla

      1. I'm with Chemicalkenetics, at most a tablespoon. I like to go heavier on the rum.;-)

        1. Unless for a very bitter chocolate cake/tart, I add no sugar. Just the best cream I can find and a tiny bit of vanilla. Maybe mascarpone to stabilize. If I do use sugar it would be superfine, don't want the starch of confectioner's.

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            I don't very much care for whipped cream as it is, I care even less for sweet whipped cream.

            Vanilla, maybe. Sugar? Never.

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              I love mascarpone whipped cream, too--the tang of it cuts the sweet of the dessert.

            2. It totally depends on what it will be served with or mixed into, as Chemicalkinetics said.

              When the whipped cream is being served with something that's not very sweet, certain fruits for instance, then I like the whipped cream to be really sweet.

              But when the whipped cream will be topping off a dish that already has very sweet ingredients, say a very sweet pie, or a sundae, or eggnog, I tend to like the whipped cream to be sweet, but not quite as sweet as in the former situation.

              I find that my sweetness preference tends to be much higher than most others'.
              Whipped cream without any sugar/sweetener at all gets a frowny face from me (think how little kids respond to foods) -- it's a waste of calories.

              For a SINGLE pint of less-sweet, I might go with one tablespoon.
              For super-sweet, I think I might go with 1/4 - 1/3 cup.