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Dec 21, 2011 05:32 PM

Must-eat fine dining... During lunchtime?

Frequent visitors to Vegas coming for the first time with our 6 month old son... So the usual plan of fancy dinners late into the night will no longer work. Honestly, even early dinner lands during witching hour... But lunch time is great.

We've loved dinner at Raku, Bouchon, Sage, Julian Serrano, Sinatra, and others. But I have no idea if lunch is equally good at such places, an afterthought, or even served at all (I know Raku does not do lunch).

So... What's the itinerary for lovers of must-eat fine dining who have only lunchtime to make it count? Not concerned about price and we love all cuisines.

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  1. If you like Thai food - you have to go to Lotus of Siam. The a la carte menu is the same as at dinner - and there is an excellent ($10 buffet) - NO it is not as good as the a la carte menu but it is still very good.

    I have been to Julian Serrano for lunch/brunch and I very much enjoyed the chorizo with eggs and potatoes.

    1. Try the Bar+Bistro located in the Arts Factory (Charleston and Main). Chef Beni has been doing a great job , and is getting some good recognition lately from all over. It is Tapas now, not the Italian listed on, and other sites. At times he does pig roasts on the patio, and there is usually something happening on the patio area for entertainment.

      1. I would try Milos at $20.11 for good 3 course lunch I would run not walk there.

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          Late breakfast or lunch at MOzen bistro at the Mandarin Oriental would be my choice. Singaporean street food in an elegant minimalist environment is the style. Good with kids. Enjoy.