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Dec 21, 2011 04:54 PM

What's In A Name? Denmark Gefion Steakhouse Opens in San Gabriel

Too late to make JThur01's listing in L.A. Weekly, but Denmark Gefion Steakhouse has opened in the NE corner of San Gabriel Bl. and Las Tunas Dr. The dining room is sedately furnished, with pictures relating to Denmark on the walls. The menu, naturally, is mostly beef dishes, with a touch of pasta, chicken, duck , seafood and other dishes. The menu also explains the legend of Gefion and there is a pitch on the goodness of food from Denmark. Oh, and the chefs, all the customers and the staff are Chinese, and there's also a Chinese sign on the building, too. Menu is completely in English, but it does contain the usual malaprop-like spellings seen on Chinese menus, such as "fired eggs" and "poataoes". I had the Danish minced steak, best described as a hard salisbury steak, which was pretty good. Street address is 120 N. San Gabriel Bl., #C, in the same shopping center as Chong Qing Hot Pot and Half and Half Teahouse.

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  1. > "The menu, naturally, is mostly beef dishes, with a touch of pasta, chicken, duck and other dishes."

    This is sort of unintentionally funny, because the one food product that Denmark is best known for is *pork*. (In European supermarkets, Danish pork packages often have big Danish flags on them, as a sort of "seal of quality").

    So you'd think that Danish-Chinese fusion would have to be the world's ultimate pork orgy (unless of course they brought the Hawaiians and Filipinos in as well, which would be totally mind-blowing and artery-stopping.) But evidently not in San Gabriel...

    1. Ok, so this isn't a steakhouse and isn't Danish. So, are we talking a HK-cafe-like place, with approximations of Anglo-American cuisine?

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        No, it's a steakhouse. Nothing on the menu (completely in English) absent the misspellings indicates anything Chinese. Yelper said the owner had been in the restaurant business in Denmark, though the owner is Chinese. There's a large glass window into the kitchen, giving you a great view of the Chinese chefs with their giant chef's hats.

        1. re: Chandavkl

          Sounds interesting. So it's a Chinese steakhouse by way of Denmark?

          How are the prices? Ruth's Chris/Morton's/Pacific Dining Car prices or more like Talylor's/George Petrelli's prices?

      2. Thanks Chandavkl. I knew the minute that was posted, there'd be new restaurants to add. Last year, the list was posted on the 30th and Golden Soup opened the following day.

        Eh, no problem, I can amend it.

        1. Just when I thought the SGV dining scene couldn't get any more bizarre.... Gotta love it.

          1. Do they serve frikadeller (Danish meatballs, which are very different from Swedish meatballs)? The Andersen's in SB only ever has it as a special around the Winter months.