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What meat would you serve with shitake and truffle risotto?

I'm making a fabulous leek, shitake mushroom and truffle oil risotto (recipe from Epicurious) for Chrismas dinner and am looking for ideas for a meat dish to serve along with it for those die-hard carnivors at the party.
Any ideas would be so appreciated!

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  1. pan-seared veal chops and some sauteed greens, like spinach or arugula, with a bit of citrus zest and red chili flake.

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      Thanks hotoynoodle. That sounds delicious, however we have a couple picky eaters that won't eat veal....any other ideas?

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        Substitute chicken or turkey, pounded nice and thin.

      2. Agree. There was never any doubt.

        1. I'd vote for something poultry. While I do a roast goose every year, you needn't go that route. A few roasted & quartered Rock Cornish hens would do the trick, or a classic "Coq au Vin", which is even better because it can be cooked up a day or two ahead of time, which makes it even tastier. A little chicken-infused burgundy wine leaking into your risotto wouldn't be a bad thing. :)

          1. Beef would definitely work - a roasted tenderloin, or even just seared steaks would be nice (I adore beef and mushrooms together). If you'd prefer something lighter, though, I could see that risotto working with salmon or halibut, pan seared for a nice crispy edge, with a light citrus sauce of some type.

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              I thought of fish, too, and halibut or a similarly meaty fish sounds like a nice addition.

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                cool, hippie, no bleats of sadness or pain, free-range veal even?

                i can't think of any fish that really plays well with truffle oil, and i don't personally care for creamy sides with fish.

                lamb might be too heavy.

                although i am not a fan, your guests might like pork tenderloin.

                would they eat dark meat chicken? dry rubbed with tangerine zest and thyme and air dried in the fridge for a few days might be nice.

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                  What is hippie free range veal and what does it have to do with my post?

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                    Often the objection to veal is the perceived life experience the animal had. The "hippie free range" veal hasn't been kept immobile in a pen, therefore more acceptable to some.

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                      I'm still not sure what I have to do with veal. As far I see, I agreed that some fish might be nice with her risotto.

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                        I think hotoynoodle just posted in the wrong spot - looks like it was a response to pmbailey's 2nd post.

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                            good heaven's, yes. it just got slapped onto the worng reply.

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                  My first thought was duck breast - pan seared finished in the oven, cracklings with baby bok choy or snow peas or brussel sprouts. Or maybe a grilled squab with braised endives.

                3. Beef tenderloin is my vote!!!

                  1. I think beef. But I'm going to disagree with the previous suggestions for tenderloin. I'd go with something a bit "beefier" tasting.

                    1. My first thought was some nice steaks. Then when I saw it was for Christmas my idea turned to a crown roast. Lamb or pork. If your guests are too picky, do pork.


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                        Thanks for all the tips guys, so many good suggestions it was hard to pick. I put several of your ideas together and settled on prime beef tenderloin which I intend to dry brine, roast, and serve with a port wine reduction. Gonna use the green ideas too to counteract the other two heavier dishes. Here's hoping it goes well! Happy holidays to everyone- let the feasting begin!

                      2. Roast rack of lamb was the first thing I thought of, but I love the veal idea. I would think that any meat that can stand up to the shitakes and truffle would work. No chicken. No fish. But goose or duck would work if you want poultry.

                          1. Do the risotto as a "primi" (first course) and serve it alone. Do what ever protein and you want for the "secondi" w/ simple starch and veggie.

                            1. How about duck? You can pan roast duck breasts and drizzle some of the truffle oil on it too. So the meat and risotto kind of comes together.

                              1. I would vote for roasted chicken. I typically do a similar risotto with crimini mushrooms. The shittake mushrooms will give a more earthy flavor IMO. The roasted chicken compliments well. I would be unsure of a fish which could not be overpowered by the risotto. Lamb could work also. In any case, serve something like a French (non-Californian) Chardonnay to help cut the creamy, rich flavors of the risotto.

                                Always a winner!