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40 pounds of grapefruit

I just got a delivery of 20 pounds of grapefruit from my mother in law. Add that to the 20 pounds we got the 1st weekend in December (we have been eating them but still have quite a few). I need suggestions to use them besides giving them to friends and neighbors because there is no way we can just eat all of them before they go bad.

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    1. You can juice them and freeze the juice.
      Or make marmalade.

      1. make curd.

        you can also make nigella's clementine cake and sub the grapefruits.

        1. Do you have a citrus juicer? I'd make lots of juice and drink it and cook with it. I bet it would be great is sauces and soups and other things that call for lemon, orange or lime.

          I'd try making Ina Garten's lemon cake with grapefruit, or other lemon cake recipes (I like her's best). Other citrus-flavored baked goods would be great too. Grapefruit blueberry muffins?

          You could make some fancy cocktails for holiday parties if you're into that.

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            Make grapefruit bars from a lemon bar recipe! I might run out a get some grapefruits just for that.

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              excellent, but you do have to cut the sugar .
              I like grapefruit curd.

          2. Candied grapefruit peel is delicious. Lots of different ways to do it, but leaving some pith on makes for a candy-sweet and soft-centered (halved?) treat. It's a good idea to keep it in the freezer for freshness.

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              Though it uses only one cup of grapefruit juice, Thomas Keller's grapefruit cake can be found online. Is wonderful!

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                I LOVE candied grapefruit it is an excellent use for the stuff

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                  The chow DIY advent calendar (which was pretty fun) had a recipe for candied grapefruit zest. Here it is: http://www.chow.com/recipes/11390-can...

                2. love to juice them and add ice and vodka!

                  have you eaten them halved, sprinkled with brown sugar and broiled? we did this growing up in florida.

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                    I had heard of the broiling with brown sugar for years, and finally tried it this year. I could eat that all day! Oh, my goodness! It's like sour candy.

                  2. I love lemon curd and have always wanted to try grapefruit. I've heard that curd freezes very well. Also, juice and freeze for cocktails, I made a really good grapefruit margarita this summer. Also candied grapefruit rind, i've made it before and really love it, if you have a dehydrator it will be even easier. I've seen recipies for grapefrui cake but I've never made one, just been intrigued, I think they call for canned grapefruit which you could sub out....enjoy, if you can't tell I'm a bit jealous!

                    1. yes, i'm waiting for the lion's club to have their annual fruit sale. honeybells and ruby reds. check!

                      1. Thanks for all the suggestions. I haven't even done Christmas baking yet (and at this rate it isn't happening). The grapefruit experiments may become my New Year's baking.

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                          i can't imagine grapefruit in cakes or even cookies. maybe i'm missing something delicious, but i think the other apps (candying, etc.) would be preferable.

                          please don't leave your grapefruits to rot by putting off using them.

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                            you clearly have not had this cake!
                            try it and you will like it, I bet,

                            If you make the final glaze with campari you will have a treat.

                        2. great suggestions. also, make some sorbet, and grapefruit simple syrup, particularly if any of your grapefruit is pink-- very pretty color.

                          1. I canned some last winter and it was fantastic http://motherskitchen.blogspot.com/20...

                            Here's the recipe

                            Crimson Honey Grapefruit

                            1 large bag (18lb) grapefruit - I used ruby red grapefruit, but any kind would work
                            1 large can frozen cranberry cocktail, thawed and undiluted
                            2/3 c. honey

                            Peel grapefruit with a knife, removing all the white pith. Cut each fruit longitudinally (from top to bottom) in half, and with a knife, remove the center membrane and the seeds. Flip the halves cut side down and slice the halves into 1/4 inch slices. Measure fruit and juice until there's 16 cups. Mine came out almost exactly that for an 18 lb bag, but it depends on how big the grapefruits are. Don't worry too much. If you end up with more, you could make some more syrup, or less, you can use less. Note that grapefuit is acidic enough to can on it's own without anything added - the cranberry honey syrup is for color and flavor, so don't worry too much about exact proportions. If you want to make it sweeter, add more honey.

                            In a large dutch oven (or a big pot), heat up the grapefruit and it's juice, the cranberry cocktail syrup and the honey and heat until the honey dissolves. Using a slotted spoon, pack hot grapefruit into hot jars (I used pints) until you have 1/2 inch headspace. Ladle some hot syrup in, leaving a half inch or so, and use a cocktail stirrer or a chop stick to get the air pockets out and add more syrup if you need to. Wipe rim, put on the lid and band and tighten until fingertip tight. Process for 10 minutes in a boiling water bath canner. Remove canner lid and let jars sit for 5 minutes, then take them out of the canner and let them cool for 24 hours.

                            1. Brulee them; fill crepes and top with unsweetened or lightly sweetened whipped cream.

                              1. There's an Ottolenghi recipe for harissa-marinated chicken served with a salad with grapefruit segments and a grapefruit/anise sauce. It is divine. And I've added oil to the sauce to make a salad dressing as well. Highly recommended.

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                                      GHG really is the thread search goddess :) I do think a grapefruit marmalade sounds fantastic. What popped into my head was a spin on a pineapple upside-down cake (obviously with added sugar). To me the brown sugar and butter with the grapefruit and the moist cake sounds great..... I might have to make that myself now :P

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                                        to me the brown sugar and butter with the grapefruit and the moist cake sounds great...
                                        yes please!

                                    2. this grapefruit and avocado salad looks just perfect -- what contrasts in flavor and texture and what a refreshing, lighter dish after the holiday excess. http://www.thekitchn.com/thekitchn/sa...

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                                      1. You can use the zest to make a grapefruit version of limoncello - pompelmocello?

                                        375 mls vodka, zest of 4 grapefruit - I use a vegetable peeler, and it does a nice job of taking off the outer peel, leaving the white behind. Steep for 2 weeks, and then add a simple syrup of 1 3/4 c water and 1 3/4 cup sugar.