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Dec 21, 2011 03:29 PM

speaking of closings

Heavy Table says that the U of M Leaning Tower location is closed. I'm not at all sorry--I was to that location just once and hated it bad, despite being a Leaning Tower fan circa 1991 (The Potter--that whole shrimp and celery on pizza thing turns out to be addictive.) I am not as much of a regular as I was back then, but after the U location arrived it seemed like the pizza suffered at the 24th and Lyndale spot, too.

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  1. If a pizza place can't make bank right next to a college campus, they must be doing something really wrong.

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    1. re: LiaM

      Leaning Tower pizza in definite decline. The Potter Pizza used to be great but no more.

      1. re: LiaM

        No opinion on the pizza place in question, but the light rail construction zone is going to be the death of a lot of businesses. It's the nature of this kind of long-term disruption. (Anyone remember Lyn-Lake?)

        1. re: Jordan

          The newest casualty is Hot Diggity Dog, a small hot dog place on Washington Avenue in Minneapolis (a block east of the U). I think it was only about a year old. They ran a shoestring operation -- Vienna Beef hot dogs and Italian beef, offered Chicago-style or with other condiments, with bags of potato chips and bottles of pop. You could tell that they didn't have much capital to spend on kitchen equipment -- no oven or deep-fryer, for example, to expand their menu. They kept prices low to appeal to students. The place was run by a nice couple of kids -- I wish them well.

        2. re: LiaM

          that is exactly what i said, when dh pointed out it was closed as we were driving by on monday.