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Dec 21, 2011 03:08 PM

Menu for a stove-top Christmas dinner?

A good friend's oven has gone kaput just at the wrong time. She's asked me to help her come up with a stovetop alternative (she had been planning to roast a beautiful cut of grassfed beef, plus accompaniments).

What would YOU do if you had to do Christmas dinner (for just two people, I believe) on the stovetop? No baking, no broiling, no roasting, burners only.

She will be very grateful for your ideas.

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  1. The first thought that comes to mind is risotto!

    1. I would smoke or barbeque the beef and make all of the sides on the stove.

      1. So is the roast out?
        You could do a multitude of proteins on the stove top.
        Jacques Pepin's Perfect Potatoes.

        1. You could also do Julia Child's "Steam-Roasted Goose with Port Wine Gravy", which would cook the goose through without the browning. Granted, you wouldn't have that crispy skin, but the goose meat & sides would still be great.

          Another suggestion? A nice traditional "Coq au Vin". Festive, DELICIOUS, & done totally on stovetop. With a green salad & some crusty bread, I can see it becoming a Christmas tradition.

          1. For relatively easy dinner, pan seared salmon, rice (ala Julia - saute shallot, add rice and saute until it turns white, add chicken stock, bay leaf, thyme), saute baby bok choy (put some smashed garlic in olive oil before you start any cooking then use this to cook the bok choy). For a starter, a salad. For dessert, I would buy something at a bakery.

            Alternatively, is it possible to make steaks out of that beef? If so, then steak, pan sauteed potatoes or mash potatoes, sauteed mushrooms and brussel sprouts...