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Menu for a stove-top Christmas dinner?

A good friend's oven has gone kaput just at the wrong time. She's asked me to help her come up with a stovetop alternative (she had been planning to roast a beautiful cut of grassfed beef, plus accompaniments).

What would YOU do if you had to do Christmas dinner (for just two people, I believe) on the stovetop? No baking, no broiling, no roasting, burners only.

She will be very grateful for your ideas.

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  1. The first thought that comes to mind is risotto!

    1. I would smoke or barbeque the beef and make all of the sides on the stove.

      1. So is the roast out?
        You could do a multitude of proteins on the stove top.
        Jacques Pepin's Perfect Potatoes.

        1. You could also do Julia Child's "Steam-Roasted Goose with Port Wine Gravy", which would cook the goose through without the browning. Granted, you wouldn't have that crispy skin, but the goose meat & sides would still be great.

          Another suggestion? A nice traditional "Coq au Vin". Festive, DELICIOUS, & done totally on stovetop. With a green salad & some crusty bread, I can see it becoming a Christmas tradition.

          1. For relatively easy dinner, pan seared salmon, rice (ala Julia - saute shallot, add rice and saute until it turns white, add chicken stock, bay leaf, thyme), saute baby bok choy (put some smashed garlic in olive oil before you start any cooking then use this to cook the bok choy). For a starter, a salad. For dessert, I would buy something at a bakery.

            Alternatively, is it possible to make steaks out of that beef? If so, then steak, pan sauteed potatoes or mash potatoes, sauteed mushrooms and brussel sprouts...

            1. A really nice braised short ribs would work, too. You can do potatoes or polenta on the stove top.
              Or a lovely risotto....pumpkin, butternut squash. Maybe some sausages on the side......

              1. Surely she has a slow cooker? If not she could borrow one. I'd do some sort of roast in that. It isn't the same as an oven roasted bird, but you could do a decent piece of meat very well in an oval shaped cooker. That would be my strategy. If she has a microwave oven, she can do stuffing, if she wants. She can make cranberry sauce, if that is her Christmas tradition, on the stovetop. I imagine she could bake a corn pudding in the microwave as well. I've done dried fruit compote in the micro as well. That turns out very nice. She could mash white or sweet potatoes on the stovetop, as well as make gravy from that slow cooked piece of meat or fowl. She can of course put together a salad. The dessert might be the hardest. Poached pears perhaps?

                1. Poached Egg Over Steamed and Sauteed Asparagus with a Balsamic Reduction
                  Seared Scallops over Pan-Toasted Belluga Lentils with a Creamy Lemon Tarragon Sauce or a Parlsey Oil and a Orange Pan Deglace
                  Smashed Root Vegetables (and/or Sweet Potatoes)
                  Caramelized Onion and WIld Mushroom Sauteed Salad
                  Plum Tiramisu

                  man, i feel like i should go give my oven a pat on the side.

                  1. Dessert-- Ice cream, some sort of chocolate or caramel home-made sauce, nice cookies (I was able to bang out a batch of brownies, N/A here). Okay, boring, but I had a dinner party thrown at me last weekend by my sweetheart at the almost-last minute so time was short. Couldn't believe the raves I got about dessert.

                    1. She could still do that cut of meat on the stovetop using a pan to sear it then put it in a covered roaster or other pan with a lid sitting on a rack or a ring made out of heavy foil. Add a little liquid in the bottom then turn the temp on medium low.

                      I second the slow cooker. Another possibility is using a pressure cooker (I suggest seasoning & wrapping meat tightly then placing on a rack or other contraption to keep it off the direct bottom of the vessel. Even an inverted saucer or flat bottomed bowl works).

                      Many sides can be made on the stovetop. I'd do a version of crash hot potatoes using in a cast iron skillet (if I were cooking the beef), pan seared fresh green beans with shallots & garlic & finished with a splash of white wine....perhaps some candied carrots or another simple veggie with color and gravy for the beef. Dessert would be creme brulee or ice cream with homemade caramel sauce. Rolls from a bakery.

                      1. Ceaser Salad
                        Steak Diane
                        Mashed Potatoes
                        Green Beans Almandine

                        Chocolate Crunch Cookies - (Chocolate/Cornflakes They're no bake.)

                        1. A fancy steak dinner for two with mashed potatoes? Don't forget the mushrooms.

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                            Kajikit, you might like this video showing Gordon Ramsay making Steak Diane and stove-top roasted potatoes. He includes mushrooms!


                          2. Shrimp cocktail.
                            Pan seared filet mignon or ribeye with a red wine or port pan sauce.
                            Creamed spinach
                            Crispy fried potatoes, if she can handle two dishes finishing at once, mashed or smashed if not.
                            Trifle for a Christmasy dessert. With store-bought cake and homemade custard.

                            1. Thanks for all the great ideas, all! I'll let you know what she ended up doing.