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Dec 21, 2011 02:15 PM

Where to find Ben & Jerry's Schweddy Balls?

I can't find B&J Schweddy Balls any where. It seems like the easily offended (for crying out loud, have a sense of humor people) have chased it away from most stores. I went to some online map that supposedly showed where it was sold, but still haven't had any luck. It is not sold at Whole Foods in Arlington (as noted on the online map). Anyone know where I can find some Schweddy Balls during the cold winter months?

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  1. I found some a few weeks ago in Bethesda (think it was the Safeway on Old G'town rd, but it could have been the Giant on Arlington rd). Strictly judged as an ice cream flavor I'd only give it an ok-to-pretty good (but I admit the name was too good to pass up).

    1. Do a search, there is a previous thread on this - But I found mine at safeway...

      1. I saw it at the Target in Columbia Heights

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          I live in the Capitol Hill area. Anyone seen it in DC other than at Target in Columbia Heights? Not sure it's worth schlepping for Schweddy.

        2. I'm in Montgomery County and have seen it at various grocery stores (WF, Safeway, Giant).

          1. Grand Mart at Little River Turnpike / I-395 / Oasis Rd. has it.

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              new york supermarkets are not carrying it but it was available in 7-11's