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Dec 21, 2011 12:57 PM

Can you get ANYTHING decent for lunch in Newark?

I work in the Gateway. Coming from Midtown Manhattan to this.... I'm DYING. There is one good food truck that is here most of the time - Two Pitas in a Pod, but other than that my options are crappy deli/buffet or Subway. Any place that delivers is ok too. HELP!!!!

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      1. re: secondbecky

        You may want to reconsider writing the place off. This is unlikely a southern US BBQ place. More of a Brazilian or Portuguese place, which serves inexpensive grilled or rotisserie meats.

    1. I use to work in Essex County Courthouse and I use to love the soup man's truck right outside!! yum!! That was 10 years ago, so no clue if he is still around, but I feel for you..nothing around!

      1. You are right in the middle of things- my current favorite is Hell's Kitchen in the Ironbound- lots of choices in that area too.
        The Food Court on Raymond and Mulberry is definitely edible and Nicks makes a decent salad. I am not a fan of Uber Burger near the Pru Center. Can't wait for Dinosaur to open.

        1. Try Ferry St. BBQ, it is not BBQ as americans make BBQ but rather roasted meats over a wood fire, no messy sauces... 6 bucks gets you a ton of chicken, rice and salad and it is delicious.

          or try Iberia or Atlas Horas

          1. I'm still new to the Newark lunch scene but I can pass on some recommedations.

            ArtKitchen - Halsey Street; I've only had their coffee but they had a rather promising looking lunch menu. I hear mixed reviews about their food but it seems like the kind of place where you might find a favorite sandwich. I think it's run by the same owner's as Hell's Kitchen in the Ironbound.

            Coffee Cave - Halsey Street; I had a jerk veggie sandwich there. It wasn't amazing and I probably won't be going back for it. But their menu looks pretty promising for meat eaters and I hear really good things about their soups. The meat eaters I was with really enjoyed their meals.

            Harvest Table - Halsey Street; I hear really, really good things about this place but haven't had a chance to try it yet.

            Thai Kitchen Two - New Street; I haven't checked this out but I hear relatively good things about this place. I don't think it's going to be the best Thai food you've ever had but it seems decent.

            27 Mix -; a friend recommended this place but I haven't tried it yet... I'm a wee bit suspicious (Southwestern, Asian and Italian fusion? Uhhh...) But, again, as with any of these places I feel like you might find one or two go-to dishes that are done well. (Or who knows... maybe they've really mastered the art of Southwester/Asian/Italian?


            Mi Gente Cafe - I had their food at a catered event and it was quite good. Again, I think it is a much more promising option if you eat meat. The other people I was with seemed to enjoy it.

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            1. re: lapositivista

              Another vote for Mi Gente. Not only do they have terrific food but they are such nice people- and you can't beat the price. When some of the corporations that are in the hopper move into that side of Newark, this place will be a goldmine.