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Dec 21, 2011 12:51 PM

Sweet tooth is fading as I age?

I've always had a sweet tooth. I love good cookies, square, cakes, and pies. Dessert's always been the best part of the meal for me. But now, at 45, I find that goodies often taste too sweet for me. I'll eat one of my beloved squares and find it WAY too sweet. One or two pieces of chocolate and I've hit the wall. Used to be that I could eat the whole bar! Furthermore, I just don't seem to crave desserts as I used to.

So, for me, this is bittersweet (no pun intended). It's healthier to eat fewer desserts, yet I miss savouring a really great lemon square/hello dolly/brownie.

Just wondering if others have experienced anything similar. Is this a common side effect of aging, or is it just me?

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  1. Change in tastes is very common as we age. For some, the direction is towards more intense flavors and sensations (especially true due to declining ability to taste), while for others it's the opposite direction.

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      At 62, I find my taste changing in other ways: I want much less food, is the most dramatic change.

    2. That's a good thing. I remember eating such things as maple bars in my 20's (a long time ago) which seem disgusting to me today. Lots of things seem too sweet to me today. For example, my version of Libby's pumpkin pie uses half the sugar (and twice the cloves).

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        Well yes, I think overall it is a good thing. However, there's a disconnect between my palate and my brain right now, which can be confusing. i.e. I'm still conditioned to think sweets=fun, so I buy the cookie, but then my palate finds it too sweet. I have to learn new food associations.

      2. I've puzzled over this myself. In my mid 20s I stopped liking chocolate. Then my love of cake bit the dust, then doughnuts, then cookies. I don't even like ice cream any longer. I'm 32 now.

        1. Same here. When I was young and skinny, I frequently polished off huge desserts. Now that I'm....slightly older, and.....not as skinny, I can only tolerate a few bites of less-sweet desserts. Nature taking care of its own, I'd say.

          1. yes, yes . . . in my mid 50's now and still "love" sweets, but can't finish many things because they are to cloying and sweet for me now. A good thing for me I think.