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Dec 21, 2011 12:32 PM

Need suggestion for Fiance's 50th birthday celebration with the girls???

Most guests from Far North Dallas/Plano so the more centrally located the better. Love Henderson and McKinney, but not ideal for this. Will be early April, probably Saturday, and could be lunch, afternoon or evening. Thinking a unique "ladies lunch" kind of place, but patio would be great too. Doesn't even have to be a restaurant...thought about high-end mani/pedi place but reviews I've read not good. Fun place more important than the "latest, greatest" place...these ladies already frequent those. Want this to be memorable for her, so any ideas greatly appreciated!

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  1. How about a private party at Painting with a Twist and dinner afterwards? There are several locations in the DFW area to choose from...check out their pictures on their home page.

    Let's Art Party is in downtown Plano and there are several restaurants close by to go to afterwards, maybe Urban Crust/32 Degrees?

    Urban Crust
    1006 E 15th St, Plano, TX 75074

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      +1 on the painting party - or a cooking class would be fun also.

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        Another vote for Painting with a Twist. And you can get food from a restaurant/caterer delivered and BYOB/W - they are great about all that stuff.

        Afternoon tea at Lavendou could be fun...not the absolute best food, but a fun experience nonetheless.

        In Addison, Soho Jazz Cafe for great tapas and live music every evening - lively place. Or Chamberlains Steakhouse for delicious food, plus there's a nice little cigar lounge in the back with live acts on most weekends.

        Or you could choose a restaurant in Watters Creek so that they can go shopping afterwards - the restaurant offerings are the usual chain offerings, but a couple of them have great patios.