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Dec 21, 2011 11:29 AM

Store bought potato latkes

For many years I've used Golden frozen potato latkes but they seem to be lacking the homemade taste lately. What are your favorite homemade style frozen latkes?

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  1. Trader Joe's are the best mass market frozen latkes, imo.

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      1. re: DeisCane

        Oooops, sorry. I didn't read carefully that you stated they're frozen. So do they have them all the time or just for Channukah?

      2. I agree with the Trader Joe's assessment. I make them from scratch during the holiday, but use TJs on another night when I don't feel like making the house smell like latkes and don't want to stand over a frying pan!

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        1. re: sharonfl

          Are the Trader Joe's frozen or refrigerated? Do they carry them all year round? I'm excited to hear this because I also haven't been happy with the Golden's in the last few years.

          I just bought a box at Costco from Classic Cooking, the same people who make those kugels, but I haven't tried them yet. anyone have any experience with those?

          Obviously, the homemade are best, but I'm not always in the mood. Also hate having a kitchen mess if I'm expecting "fancy" company, but I do it for the family. I wish it weren't so critical to eat them fresh, so I could make them in advance,

          1. re: helou

            Trader joe's are frozen and they have them year round. They are with the frozen breakfast foods.

            1. re: susiejane

              I have tried the TJ's before and they seem very close to the Golden product. I'm wondering if they are actually the same and just packed for TJ's since TJ's doesn't make anything themselves. It is always made for them under their own brand. There is a new brand made in Chicago called Kasia's. has anyone tried them?

              1. re: chicago maven

                I like the "Old Fashioned Kitchen" latkes. I find them in Shoprite In the fridge dept.

                1. re: sima

                  In Calironia this wekend, so I'm still on line........................

                  Old Fashioned Kitchen is the maker of 'Golden' brand. It is the same item

              2. re: susiejane

                They're near the TJ's (not kosher) hash browns. The latkes are in a light blue box. Usually have them year round.

                I buy them all time.. husband likes them as a snack.