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Dec 21, 2011 11:27 AM

SF Hound needs great lunch spot nearish U-Village

Hi Seattle Hounds -- I'm in town to see family and am looking for a nice lunch place near or on the way to (heading from Greenlake area) University Village.

We want to avoid the Ave, but anywhere else off the beaten path around the U District is OK.

Open to all cuisine types, but we tend to gravitate towards lighter & fresh tastes.

Thanks for your help!

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  1. Agua Verde down on Portage Bay? Otherwise, for something really close to U Village, try 50 North.

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    1. re: PAO

      While Agua Verde is worth it for the view (especially when the weather is better and you can sit outside), I'm afraid a Californian would be sorely disappointed by the food. Seattle can hold its own with any other city for all sorts of food, and some of what we do, we do better than anybody--but our Mexican food is not among those. And, Agua Verde is not among our best Mexican food, IMHO.

      1. Satay on 45th in Wallingford, really good food!

          1. re: mrnelso

            I don't think Pair is open for Lunch.

            I think you should at least think about some parts of the Ave. Up by 50th, Nook does delicious biscuit sandwiches that fit your "light and fresh" request, and there's Samurai Noodle and the new Udon place a little further down (which aren't very "light and fresh" but totally delicious).

            Otherwise, I Love NY Deli on Roosevelt and Guanaco's are some of my favorites in the area.

            Anyone been to Grace Kitchen in U-Village, assume it's pretty good, based on it's pedigree but haven't heard much about it since it opened.

            1. re: GreenYoshi

              I've heard some pretty bad things about Grace Kitchen but that was a while ago. Don't know if they've gotten their act together.