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Dec 21, 2011 09:43 AM

Birthday dinner in Scottsdale area

I will be celebrating my birthday in Scottsdale on Monday, Dec 26. I would like to find a restaurant that is fun for a group of 6, including parents and siblings. I am from LA, recently relocated from NYC, and often eat out in San Francsico, and I like to try new, creative restaurants. My parents suggested Cowboy Ciao, but the menu looks a bit unfocused to me and southwestern fare is not my favorite. Other places I was thinking about were Citizen Public House or Cafe Bink - I think Binkleys is out of the price range. In the past we have gone to Olive and Ivy and Roaring Fork and enjoyed them. Pizzeria Bianco is off my list because of the waiting. Any other suggestions or recommendations from my list?

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  1. I think with 6 or more people you can get a reservation for PB.

    1. Choosing to eat out on a Monday, which also happens to be the day after Christmas, cuts down on the options available to you in this area. Three of the five non-Citizen Public House options that came to my mind (Posh, Nobuo, Binkley's) are closed on Mondays year-round.

      Noca, which I love, is open daily at this time of year. I'd suggest you check out their menus online. They are doing some special holiday menus right now (Feast of the Seven Fishes theme; Chanukah theme). These might or might not be reflected accurately on their website; I'd suggest looking at their Facebook page for the most current and detailed information.

      As a sidebar, I'd note that the wait times at Pizzeria Bianco have dropped considerably since the introduction of lunch service earlier this year. Also, the Bianco group just expanded dinner service at the Pane Bianco location. Unfortunately, both the pizzeria and Pane Bianco, which are normally open on Mondays, will be closed on the 26th.

      Pizzeria Bianco
      623 E Adams St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

      6920 E. Cave Creek Rd., Cave Creek, AZ 85331

      Pane Bianco
      4404 N Central Ave Ste A, Phoenix, AZ 85012

      3118 E. Camelback Rd, Phoenix, AZ 85016

      7167 East Rancho Vista Drive, Scottsdale, AZ 85251

      Nobuo at Teeter House
      622 E Adams St, Phoenix, AZ 85004

      1. I think the food at Cowboy Ciao is superior to CPH, however the drinks at CPH are top notch so depending on how much weight you are putting on either - Cocktails and Beer are stronger at CPH the wine list is stronger at CC

        Both will have a more upbeat atmosphere (louder - open - cement garage style floors)

        Either of those two places will have better food than Roaring Fork or Olive and Ivy IMO

        Cowboy Ciao is one of my fav places - the korean style bbq short rib is one of my fav things there - for a party of 6 i would choose cowboy ciao, if it is only two people i like to sit at the bar at CPH

        might enquire about CPH cocktail secret lounge for drinks after dinner - not sure if they are open that day

        Cafe Bink is a far ways out if you are staying in old town scottsdale 45 min or so north so just be prepared for a drive if you go with cafe bink and are staying in south scottsdale

        Noca is also very good - although i have not been back since they switched head chefs

        I would take CC over Noca even with the old chef but I may be in the minority on the forum for that opinion

        1. Ok, I will confuse things for you as I respect Dapuma greatly, but slightly disagree. I think CPH is better than Cowboy Ciao, but you really can't go wrong at either one. I would recommend Roaring Fork as it won't break the bank like Binkley's, but it is a solid, fun, and unique restaurant with a good vibe for a bday party. Good drinks and solid food. I agree with Dapuma that Olive and Ivy is weak...don't go there. I do not recommend Posh, way too many friends who have left there sadly disappointed and hungry - nobody wants to stress about what they are eating when they just want to eat, drink and be merry. Noca is solid, but not one of my favs. This board knows my opinions on Bianco, but to make it short... no need to go there as it is overrated. Cafe Bink or Binkley's is simply amazing, so that is a good choice. You said Southwest is not your thing, but if Latin and Mexican are ok, you cannot go wrong at either Distrito and The Mission. Great spots for an SF- LA - NYC girl. NB -I lived in SF for years before coming to AZ. This is a solid town for eating and others may chime in to help out.