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Dec 21, 2011 09:43 AM

Trader Joes with Frozen Potato Pancakes in Stock?

Both of my usual Trader Joes stores are out- has anyone seen them yesterday or today in their local store? Thank you!

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  1. ugh, i feel your pain i'm looking for those small tubes of decorating icing (not in the pastels!) and the grocery stores near me are out. why not call some trader joes and see if they have any in stock? i was in the eagle rock one last week and they had a bunch.

    1. South Lake TJ's in Pasadena had a bunch of them yesterday. What I've been trying to find is the Empire Kosher ones. Yes, they are obviously machine-made, weird triangles, but I love them. They're also a whole lot cheaper than the more traditional kind.

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      1. re: Will Owen

        Haven't looked myself but I know Gelson's carries a lot of Empire products.

        1. re: Fru

          Good excuse to go to Gelson's, thanks!

      2. Culver City TJ's has em. They were serving them in the store today with apple sauce. Yum.

        1. pretty sure culver city had them the other day... i'll check again tomorrow...

          1. Got some at Culver City today.