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Dec 21, 2011 09:38 AM

Catering - Paramus

Just moved to the area and we have to host a party and I have never used anyone for catering in Paramus (surrounding areas welcome too)! Any suggestions?

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  1. chef janet is a personal chef. she will come to your house and cook for a small gathering. it's not catering as she doesn't bring the food in but rather will cook at your house which is better imho.

    1. The Market Basket in Franklyn Lakes does catering. I believe the Maywood Market does as well. Both have good food and lots of options.

      1. Welcome to the area, Michelle....don't worry about the traffic. It's not always this bad. I agree about The Market Basket.....there's a very good reason why they have been in business for a very long time. Some folks also like in hohokus.

        1. The Market Basket is a great standby for basic catering events. They have menus for all sorts of events. Reliable, and supply staff as well. For something more special- Picnic in FairLawn caters (and does a beautiful job). You can also check out Bourbon BBQ for really casual fried chicken and pulled pork for a picnic catering if you are doing a summer party. Their catering is much better than the restaurant has been since it reopened.

          1. If Italian works -- try La Bella Roma. They are right in Paramus and do local catering. Might be an option for you.