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Dec 21, 2011 09:25 AM

Help me find a great venue

I've never been to Dallas, but am planning a cocktail party for roughly 120 people. Preferred venue would be within walking distance of Union Station... and not too sketchy of a walk, either. If I'm totally off base on that, let me know, like I said, not very familiar with the area.

Doesn't have to be a restaurant or bar, if the venue is awesome and we can cater in. Price is not too big of an issue, nothing obscene, but we have a very decent budget.

In other cities we've had rooftop patios, wine bars, trendy bars, vodka bars, top restaurants, down to a local coffeehouse or an urban park. As long as our guests have a great time and the venue is something special, it works. This event will be in June, so if the weather cooperates outside venues are not off the table. The one thing that IS off the table is a hotel ballroom (too boring).

And, if you know of a great local band (or are in one), I'm looking for one of those too.

Thanks in advance for any help. - Jen

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  1. Check Iron Cactus Mexican Grill and Margarita Bar - multi-venues on 3 levels plus rooftop. Requires a very short light rail ride from Union Station to the downtown Akard Station followed by about a 3 block walk. I've only eaten lunch there a few times, so would advise doing your homework for private party needs......

    1. The Joule Hotel (next door to Iron Cactus) has a swanky rooftop bar/lounge and you can have food catered from Charlie Palmer downstairs. The view is stunning at night.

      1530 Main St, Dallas, TX 75201

      1. There is an underground tunnel from Union Station to Reunion Tower/Wolfgang Puck 560.

        Five Sixty by Wolfgang Puck
        300 Reunion Blvd., Dallas, TX 75207

        1. So far, I've contacted 560, Iron Cactus, the Joule, the Sixth Floor Museum (which someone else suggested, but seems kjinda creepy to me), and the Old Red Museum (which I'm also not a huge fan of from just scouting online).

          I'm planning a trip in a couple of weeks to see how easy everything is to get to and to visit the venues in person, would love to get more suggestions to check out on my trip. Places that are a couple of stops and then a short walk from the light rail are perfect too. Everyone will have a metro pass that will be attending.

          My boss mentioned Lonbardi's but it looks like the West End location has closed?

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          1. re: jennifer42

            I have been to nice events at Union Station, but it may be a bit bland for what you are looking for. Still, with nice music and food from Wolfgang Puck, it could work:

            Short light rail ride to Victory: consider Ghost Bar at the W (cheeze I know, but if it's your party, it's your crowd and the venue is great), or maybe Kenichi.

            Short light rail ride to Arts District: The Nasher hosts beautiful events. I would highly recommend this if you can swing it (would be my fist choice).

            1. re: dfwtexex

              Nasher would be great. But it is not really in walking distance. But if you're willing to go that far, you might consider the Belo Mansion, which is now owned by the Dallas Bar Association. I think they rent it out on occasion. Really nice.

              New convention hotel is a long walk, but might also be considered, as pepper131 points out.

              1. re: Mike C. Miller

                The Belo is nice; as are the hotels mentioned, but it sounds like the OP wants something "special". Convention center space at the Belo or most hotel ballrooms would not fit the bill.

          2. You can rent out parts of the Dallas World Aquarium in West End.
            The Joule has a great penthouse suite with a huge rooftop area.
            The new Omni at the Convention Center is also worth a look.
            If you want a restaurant, Wild Salsa is a better option over Iron Cactus.
            560 is good too.