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Dec 21, 2011 08:49 AM

Let's talk about Liverwurst.

So I've been on a liverwurst kick lately...for me this and head cheese are true underappreciated Chowhound gems of the deli counter. In terms of taste and flavor it pretty much blows the competition away while being one of the least expensive deli counter meats!

I love my liverwurst in a simple sandwich, with grainy mustard and onions. But on a trip to the deli I picked up about 2 lbs of the stuff, and I'm looking for other serving suggestions. What's your favorite way to have liverwurst?

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  1. I have used it as a 'mock' pate, and thinned it a bit by whipping it with some butter and heavy cream (it can be a little salty), and putting the softened mixture in a crock, and serve as an aptz. with sliced baguette, cornichons, and diijon. My guests never new I took a shortcut to my 'liver pate' :)!

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      Holy shiz! I am doing this, I just picked up cornichon for no good reason - now I have an excellent one!

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        I really like this idea, too. I've always found liver wurst too strong on it's own but this sounds fabulous. I used to buy it when on sale and froze it in little cubes for treats for my dog. Her favorites.

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          Nice one! I love it plain and would probably fight Terrie's dog for little cube treats but this would make it far more interesting for guests.

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            Best laugh of my day!! She was spoiled but her liverwurst frozen treats were her favs.

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            This sounds so delightful. I'm going to have to try it. :)

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              Yes! It works great! I've been cheating this way at least since the 60s! If you want to "cheat hard," and even fool a few experts, add a pinch or two of dried thyme and some cognac along with the butter. I don't add cream since it's not used in any "from scratch" pates I know of, but if you want to add a bit of "French authenticity" try some truffle salt OR if you just happen to have some truffle peels hanging around, those will work nicely! Also some crushed pistachio nuts worked in are convincing. And actually, it's really not THAT much of a cheat. Liverwurst is just liver for the pate that you don't have to cook first for yourself, right?

              Now, if a kind creative soul would just come up with a really convincing essence of foi gras we could add, wouldn't that be great? Anyone seen foi gras oil in their local market lately? '-)

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                caroline, YOU is a clevah one! I'm going to try that! Now, i know you were joking about the oil, but my Whole Foods used to (still does?) carry a foie gras butter- tiny oval tub, in the Cheese Dept.

            2. mmmm Liverwurst. I have loved it since I was a child. Then I would have it with mayonnaise on white bread. Now I prefer it with mustard on a crusty sourdough, or just straight off my fingers.

              When I read that Martha Stewart would eat a whole tube of Braunschweiger on the way home from the grocery store I knew then she was truly a kindred spirit.

              1. I used to make a spread that had sauteed onions, mushrooms, cream cheese and liverwurst. It was all pureed in the food processor after browning the vegetables. Very tasty.

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                    arrrrrgh! the CH search engine strikes again :)
                    Here's my question from a couple of years ago....

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                      And I have to stick with my reply; thick slices of Braunschweiger on white bread with Miracle Whip, not mayo. Some sliced onion makes it even better. As I mentioned in the above thread, I was lucky enough to be able to enjoy it fresh out of the smoke house at the old Wilson and Co. packing plant in Kansas City in the mid 60's. We sliced it off of 20# bungs that we were producing for an Army contract. They were still warm. Wow.

                  2. Two pounds is a lot, but I once took down a bunch with a sampler/platter approach. I took a cutting board and placed on it a hunk of crusty white bread, a couple quartered slices of dense pumpernickle, a pile of sliced onions, some slices of new pickles, a sliced hard boiled egg, a large dollop each of mayonnaise and grainy mustard, and, of course, the liverwurst.* It took more than one knife, a few IPAs, and the better part of a Jets playoff game, but I finished a quantity that was quite impressive - alternating combinations one mini spread at a time.

                    Off topic, but Jersey-centric: If you have a chance, joon, there are housemade 'wursts at European Provision in East Brunswick (http://www.europeanhomemadeprovisions...) and D.A. Barsch ( in Toms River that are worth the trip. If you go, don't forget to try the Goose version at EP and/or the coarse calves' liver version at Barsch.

                    * I may have taken a little Swiss cheese from my wife's plate, as well.

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                      That actually tastes like a really tasty platter! I saw a recipe somewhere for liverwurst french onion dip so I made some for NYE, I thought it was really tasty! Basically it's just sour cream french onion dip with liverwurst buzzed in. Super tasty and a great party dip! I finished it with some fresh scallions and cracked pepper.

                      Those shops you linked look awesome! Tell me they have homemade head cheese and I'll be there in no time. I've been wanting to make a mock-banh-mi with liverwurst and head cheese.

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                        Since a child in Germany we ate the Liverworst on Brotchen which is a hard roll with real butter. Or you toast the brochen just enough for the butter to melt then put the liver worst on mmmm also very good.