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Dec 21, 2011 08:45 AM

Buther's Twine in the NW

For some reason the simplest of things are sometimes the hardest to find (for me at least). Any suggestions? I finished my last ball of string, which was a gift, and haven't had a lot of luck at Co-op and the likes.

Preferably 100% cotton.

Edit: Butcher's twine would be great as well, no wonder I'm having so many problems finding it.

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    1. It took me forever to find too. I finally found it last week. It is at Superstore in the tools section. I was looking in all the kitchen gadget sections in different stores. I bought a ball of "ToolMaster Heavy Duty Butcher Rope". It is made from food safe, 100% biodegradable cotton.

      1. I know that Basspro has a large roll of twine (can't remember how long it was) for about $10-$12. Not sure how that stacks up to superstore and the like.

        1. Rona's got it too with the other ropes.