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Dec 21, 2011 08:29 AM

Where to buy Beef Tenderloin in Queens???

I'm looking for about 10-12 lbs. total, so I assume two 5-6 lb roasts but don't know if I should try Costco which I've read some good things about or a local place. I'd rather not spend $20/lb if possible. Any suggestions? Will trek to Brooklyn or L.I. if necessary. Thanks in advance.

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  1. It's on sale for $6.99/lb. until the 24th at Fairway. I have bought them in the past (at the Plainview store) and they will butcher/ tie them to your specs. I expect that the Douglaston store will do this as well.

    Fairway Market
    242-02 61st Ave, Queens, NY 11362

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    1. re: EM23

      Thanks for the info. I will check it out this afternoon. Were you happy with the quality? 6.99/lb seems really cheap.

      1. re: Salsiccia Creature

        I bought a whole tenderloin from Fairway in Washington Heights about 7 years ago. When I got home, I intended to cut it into it individual steaks and freeze them, but when I opened the package, the meat was rancid. I nearly puked. I no longer buy factory sealed, prepackaged meats. That's how Fairway sells it.

        1. re: ForestHillsFresser

          That's disappointing. I guess that's where the price difference comes in.

        2. re: Salsiccia Creature

          I have bought them several times and have been happy with the quality. They regularly put them on sale - usually leading up to a holiday. And, as I mentioned, I had them trim and tie it in front of me so I saw what I was getting. And FWIW - never rancid.

      2. Ottomonelli Meats

        Ottomanelli Butcher Shoppe
        190 21 Union Turnpike
        Flushing, NY 11366
        Tel: 718-468-2000
        Hours: Tues–Sat 6am – 5:30pm

        Sun & Mon: Closed

        Ottomanelli Butcher Shoppe
        190-21 Union Turnpike, Queens, NY 11366

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