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May 29, 2006 06:13 PM

Butchers that sell a whole suckling pig

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I'm looking to buy a whole suckling pig (40 - 60lbs.) to roast in my backyard. We did this last year but have lost the contact info for the place we bought the pig from... Searching absolutely everywhere, we have been unable to locate this business or any contact information - we believe it was called Victor's Meats and it was somewhere near Alameda in Huntington Park. If anybody knows about this place - please give me contact information - otherwise, if anyone has a recommendation for a butcher that carries whole pigs, that would be useful.

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  1. I believe you can buy one in Chinatown. As for an exact place, I can't help you, but you could possibly call in to any major Chinese restaurant there. My friend's parents bought there's for a Chinese wedding in Chinatown.

    You could also call Norman's and ask them where they get their whole pigs.

    1. i got one last year from huntington meats in the farmer's market...great great great...

      1. I'll bet you got it from Broadleaf Meat & Game (5600 S. Alameda St., in Vernon, (800) 336-3844, and linked below).

        Also, Harvey's Guss Meat Co. (949 S. Ogden, (323) 937-4622) can get you a whole pig.

        Both places, I believe, require some advance notice.