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Dec 21, 2011 08:18 AM

NYC Hound returning to Charleston--ISO Sunday Brunch for New Year's Day

I adore Charleston! My sister and I are returning to Charleston for 3 days to celebrate New Year's Eve. This will be our third visit in almost three years. We have our dinners planned (Tristan/Cypress/82 Queen). We've already had dinner at the Charleston Grill, the Peninsula Grill, Magnolia's, McCrady's--didn't love McCrady's. We're now searching for a restaurant that is open for Sunday brunch on New Year's Day. I did a search on OpenTable, and there were only about a dozen restaurants listed. High Cotton is available and is very near our hotel. Is this a good choice, or any other recommendations are appreciated. Thanks, and a Happy Holiday to all!

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  1. Good choice. I always enjoy High Cotton's brunches!

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      I agree. High Cotton is a great place for brunch. Their shrimp and grits is the best. I looked to see what else is open and I think High Cotton is your best bet.

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        Thanks so much to both of you! I've made my brunch reservation at High Cotton via OpenTable. Looking forward to my return to Charleston.

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          One more thing: I saw on your profile you like mac and cheese. The lobster mac and cheese at Oak Steak House is killer!

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            I just checked their menu, and it looks great (also like that they have foie gras). Would you recommend Oak Steak House instead of Tristan?

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              That's a tough choice. Those two are so different. I think, if you want to substitute, go to 82 Queen for lunch instead of dinner. If this weather holds you might be able to sit outside. Then go to Tristan, Oak and Cypress for dinner.

              1. re: Sue in Mt P

                Thanks for your recommendation, but unfortunately it looks like neither Tristan nor Oak Steakhouse have availability on Jan. 1. 82 Queen is one of the few restaurants that has availability. Both menus look great though, and the lobster macaroni and cheese sounds yummy at Oak Steakhouse.

                1. re: ellenost

                  Have a great time. And let us know what you think!

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                    Just returned from another wonderful visit to Charleston. Thanks for the recommendations. Friday night we had a great dinner at Oak Steakhouse. Hostess tried to seat us in the back area on the third floor that was deserted, but I requested a different table. We were seated on the mezzanine that was more lively. We ordered the bone in ribeye steak to be shared. We requested med-rare, but it was brought to the table sliced and a nice shade of blue. We asked for it to be cooked a bit more. Steak was returned to the table cooked as requested. We also had the lobster mac and cheese. No macaroni, but orzo rice. It was excellent. Also had the brussel sprouts that were delicious. My sister classed the steak as the best she's ever had. Very flavorful and soft. Didn't need any sauces. Service was very attentive. My sister ordered the delcious carrot cake, and the cinnamon cream cheese frosting was delicious. Cake was incredibly moist.

                    Loved our Sunday brunch at High Cotton on New Year's Day. Loved the donuts for the table. I started with a cup of the crab soup that was delicious. I also had the lobster omelette, and it was stuffed with nice chunks of lobster. My sister had the crab cakes benedict that she loved. Service was very attentive. Since we've already made our reservation to return to Charleston for New Year's, we'll be returning to High Cotton for brunch.

    2. Hello, I am a NYker who lives part time in Charleston and I adore it too! If you are looking for great food off the beaten path I recommend Seewee Restaraunt, the Caramel cake is heavenly also try the Tatooed Moose, the duck club sandwich is literally the best thing I have ever eaten, including the pomodoro at Scarpetta, burger at Corner Bistro. This sandwich blows them out of the water. For late night try the Butcher & the bee.

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        I LOVE the Moose. This looks like fun. Beats the heck out of that Times Square business!