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Dec 21, 2011 08:05 AM

Cool vibe!

I love Paris and all the great eateries. What I haven't seen on this board is about where to get good food but also in a friendly, fun and hip atmosphere. Three girlfriends in their late 40's and newly single will be in the city of lights over a long weekend in mid-January 2012. Where should we go for dinner and after?

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  1. hi...i'd recommend being a little more specific, in order to get more accurate suggestions...there are hundreds, if not thousands, of places in Paris that could be characterized as some combo of "friendly, fun, and hip" and/or having a cool vibe, depending on one's perspective...for example, i'm partial to rustic wine bars like, say, La Patache in the 10th, or Coinstot Vino, but those may or may not be your style...i recommend:

    -- give some examples of places in Paris or in other cities that you like

    -- give a general idea of price range (i.e. do you want more medium-piced bistros and wine bars, or a splurge high-end meal or a combo)

    -- give us some requirements or favorites in terms of cuisine: i.e. some of my fav places in Paris serve only oysters...or are Senegalese or Tunisian...

    -- once you get some replies and have a list of possibilities, i'd consider reposting a more specific question.

    Am not trying to be critical, just know that despite the best of intentions, the headline "cool vibe" will not usually net you the best catch of suggestions without more specifics :)


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      Thanks Simon. You are right.

      I think we prefer medium to higher end bistros that cater to an upscale crowd.
      We like typical French food (I do realize that there are different regions) and as it will be January we especially enjoy warm fullfilling stews and cassoulets. (Hope that is spelled correctly, my French is rusty). At home, in Philadelphia we can get a variety of cuisines, so I think we want to eat and enjoy a night out like a 'local'.
      Are there places that feature communal tables or where the atmosphere is very friendly?
      I realize we are askingt a lot...I have compiled a fabulous list from CH but the one thing I didn't see referenced was about the ambience!

    2. I didn't realize all the otherwise great recommendations on this board were for unhip geezers.

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          Didn't mean that at all.....
          This board seems about great food and that is number one priority but also was wondering about more than just the vittles...

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            Avoid us unhip geezers at all costs.