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Dec 21, 2011 07:21 AM

Kosher near amish country

My wife and I were thinking of going around New Years. Is there anything kosher open in the area this time of year (I know there is seasonal stuff in the summer and chol hamoed sukkos).

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  1. I think that Central Pa's Kosher Mart delivers to the DoubleTree in Lancaster (used to be Willow Valley Resort and Conference Center)? Take out menu is available for hotel delivery. You should call and check it out:

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    1. re: barbgail61

      They're the seasonal outfit I was referring too - Spring/Summer, not winter.

    2. Try:

      The kosher food at Franklin Marshall College in Lancaster, PA may be available when you are there if classes are in session.

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      1. re: Arinoam

        I doubt classes are in session over New Years.