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Dec 21, 2011 05:15 AM

Groupon for Aravind Indian Restaurant today

Today there is a Groupon for a tasting menu at Aravind for 2 people, for $59.

I meant to put this in the Coupons and Deals section, but accidentally put it here.

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  1. We finally made it to Aravind thanks to this groupon. It was a wonderful experience. All servers expressed a sense of pride in what they were offering. Pairing wine with Indian food can be challenging, not only did the owner find good pairings but most were better than pairings I've had in more european focussed restaurants. The food is probably the closest I've had to Indian fine dining. Flavours were clean, bright, balanced and not heavy. I was surprised how well the crab meat stood up to curry.
    I hope with time when more money comes in that the room will echo the quality of what is going on the plate. My experience, so far, has been that these tasting menu groupons are a good deal.