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Dec 21, 2011 01:26 AM

Looking for Nikka (Japanese) whisky

I'll be in town for the holidays and was looking to take some Nikka whisky back with me. All I've ever had is Suntory so I want to branch out, and I had read that Nikka infiltrated the U.S. market either this year or late last year. Prior trips to Marukai/Mitsuwa/Beverage Warehouse this year yielded the same ol', same ol'. A prior thread about this same topic mentioned Wally's on Westwood, but a search on their site revealed no Nikka. The closer to the Westside or South Bay, the better.

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  1. This fairly recent post on the Spirits board makes me think that the Nikka folks haven't gotten the regulatory hurdles cleared as yet:

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      Thanks for that link. I'll reintroduce that thread and see if the OP has any new info since then.

    2. I don't think it's available locally. I've bought online from Whisky Exchange before.

      1. Thread bumped. My reasoning for being in town isn't the best, so it gave me perhaps more joy than usual to see Nikka on the shelves at the Beverage Warehouse. The 12-year Taketsuru Pure Malt is $65 and the 15-year Yoichi Single Malt $120. Take it for what you will but I couldn't get any clear indication from my regular go-to guy there that they would get any more in apart from their initial shipment. I bit the bullet and got both while I could.

        On a side note-- access to Suntory Hibiki has disappeared for some reason, so get it if you find it.

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          K&L on Vine has the Nikka 12 & 15 yr (and for less). They also have the Suntory Yamazaki & Taketsuru

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            Good find. $5 cheaper on the 12-year and $10 cheaper on the 15. Ah well-- I wouldn't have made it into the Hollywood area anyway. Now if Marukai or Mitsuwa has it for cheaper, then I'll be annoyed. But Beverage Warehouse is close by and their prices for Suntory were always far better than any other options I found ($20 savings on the Yamazaki 18), so I assumed that was as low as I was going to find it.